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10 Questions
Should I Go on a Second Date Quiz
Are you wondering, “Should i go on a second date?” You recently went on your first date. It can be difficult to tell how things went at times. People tend to be on their best behavior during a date, especially the first one. However, if their best behavior was lacking, perhaps a second date isn't worth it? Take this quiz to find out if you should go on a second date.

Questions Excerpt

1. Firstly, who asked who out?

A. I was overjoyed when they asked me out

B. It was more of a mutual let's hang out thing

C. I asked them out, and they seemed ecstatic

2. What was the outcome of the conversation?

A. It was good; there were some awkward pauses, but one of us would say something

B. It was adequate but felt a little forced

C. It flowed extremely well

3. Were you drawn to them?

A. Not at al

B. They were adorable

C. They had charming appearances and personalities

4. What was their body language like on the date?

A. They kept looking down at their phone and didn't seem to be paying attention to me

B. They made eye contact and appeared to be listening to the conversation

C. Their body language appeared to be similar to mine

5. Your best friend inquires as to how things went. What are your thoughts?

A. t went really well!

B. It was all right

C. It was a bit of a letdown

6. What were your thoughts on them?

A. They were nice, but I'm not sure if they're a good match for me

B. To be honest, I didn't care for them

C. I liked them and had a good time with them

7. How long was the first date?

A. Approximately one hour

B. Several hours

C. I honestly didn't notice the passage of time!

8. Did they text you after the date to follow up?

A. Yes, I received one before I even arrived home

B. Yes, a few hours later or the following day

C. No, or not for a few days

9. Did you participate in more than one activity?

A. No, we simply did one thing and then parted ways

B. We actually accomplished quite a bit!.

C. We did two things: dinner and a movie, a walk with drinks, and so on

10. How did you end the first date?

A. With a kiss

B. With a hug

C. With a handshake

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