What Is Your Dating Style Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 95 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
What Is Your Dating Style Quiz
Dating is fun, especially getting to know the person you may eventually end up being with. Are they adjusted and fit for your lifestyle in dating? Are you aware of your style, anyway? You could be more conservative in your dating customs, or you could be more adventurous or risky. rnIt depends on the interests and personality of the individuals in the relationship. So, what's your dating style? Try this What’s Your Unique Dating Style quiz to find out where you stand.

Questions Excerpt

1. What dating goal do you want them to have?

A. Being in a long term relationship

B. Being married with children

C. Being lovers and always trying exciting things

2. How fluid and experimental is your dating style?

A. Not very fluid or experimental, just average and simplistic

B. Not fluid or experimental at all; preserved and mature

C. Very fluid and experimental

3. How traditional is your dating style?

A. Not very, but quite simple and adjusted to the modern custom of dating

B. Very traditionalist

C. Not traditional at all

4. Do you consider yourself risky?

A. Sometimes, but it isn't a trait

B. Not risky at all

C. Yes, very risky

5. Where would you like to go on your date?

A. To a fun theme park or a skating rink

B. To a fancy restaurant

C. Anywhere wild and interesting

6. How does your partner act according to your dating?

A. Wants to have fun and enjoyable moments

B. Wants to be more preserved and focus on building love and emotional connection

C. Wants to partake in more interesting and experimental things

7. What are your policies on kissing?

A. Kissing is good while dating

B. We'll kiss rarely, or after we're married

C. Kissing is great, but I like to do more than kiss

8. What are your policies on sexual intercourse?

A. On the fence; maybe once while we're dating

B. Only after we are married

C. During dating; for adventure and fun

9. What kind of dating partner do you want?

A. Someone who is fun, smart, and loving

B. Someone who is old-fashioned, nurturing, and possibly religious

C. Someone who is more experimental with dating and likes to take risks

10. What dating interests does your partner possess according to your dating style?

A. Interests include having a good and fun time while dating; getting to know one another

B. Interests include wanting to be more traditional and more loving

C. Interests include being more adventurous with sex and having experimental viewpoints

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