What Personality Type Should You Date Quiz

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10 Questions | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
What Personality Type Should You Date Quiz
Everyone wants chemistry in their relationships, even if they won't admit it. Love is supposed to be carefree and exciting, with butterflies in the stomach, but these feelings can come later. Chemistry is instant and explosive, like two cap guns going off at the same time. It instantly bonds you to someone else -- or it can instantly kill whatever attraction was there in the first place. This ‘’What Personality Type Should You Date’’ quiz will explain why some people have good chemistry, and others don't. Let’s figure it out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which one: introverts or extroverts?

A. Introverts.

B. Extroverts.

C. Like someone layered.

2. If your partner proposed you move in together after six months, would you accept the offer?

A. No!

B. Yes!

C. I'm not sure

3. How would you react if your partner had difficulty getting along with the people in your life?

A. Goodbye partner!

B. I’d try and talk to them.

C. Don’t know- getting into that kind of drama is not my thing.

4. How has your "type" changed over the past few years?

A. I’m constantly cycling through my “types”

B. Want to date more intelligent people.

C. Want to date more mature and successful people.

5. Let's say you're with someone more intelligent than you. How does that make you feel?

A. That would probably make me feel smarter.

B. I don’t care how smart someone.

C. I don’t want to feel dumb around them.

6. You're usually attracted to someone who possesses a trait that is

A. Logical

B. Interpersonal

C. Intrapersonal

7. If your SO started aggressively arguing about something, what would you do?

A. Laugh.

B. Change the subject.

C. Argue back.

8. Are you comfortable with your partner singing karaoke in front of other people?

A. No, it’s cringe!

B. Will they get some prize money for this?

C. Heck yes!

9. Pick the one: a genius-level intellect or a great sense of humor?

A. The relationship would be nothing without humor.

B. Both are equally important for me, so I can’t make a choice.

C. Intellect will get a person far in life.

10. Do you dream about extravagant dates, or are you more low-key?

A. Extravagant dates sound cool.

B. More low-key, I guess.

C. It varies.

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