What Solo Date Should You Take Yourself on Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 15
What Solo Date Should You Take Yourself on Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. It's your birthday, surprise! What kind of gift do you want to receive the most?

A. A book you've wanted to read. Since you saw it, it's been at the top of your TBR list

B. A gift card to your favorite retailer. You know *exactly* what you like and dislike, so you'd prefer to choose items for yourself

C. A refillable water bottle. It's eco-friendly, and you can take it with you on your runs—what more could you want

2. What do you do when you need to boost your self-esteem?

A. You dressed in *that* outfit. Nothing boosts your mood more than expressing yourself in a way that makes you happy

B. You take a look at your Goodreads page. You're pleased with how many books you've read so far—you're on track to exceed your reading goal for the year!

C. You take a stroll around your neighborhood. The fresh air never lifts your spirits and makes you feel as if you can conquer the world

3. What does the word loneliness mean to you?

A. Something essential

B. Something I try to avoid

C. Sometimes I require it, and other times I do not

4. Are you more introverted or outgoing person?

A. More outgoing

B. More introverted

C. It depends on my mood

5. After a long day, you're unwinding. What activities do you engage in when you want to unwind?

A. You practice a soothing yoga flow. It's the ideal restorative activity when combined with mindfulness meditation

B. You water the succulents in your room. You are, indeed, *that* plant person

C. You watch a series on Netflix

6. Which weather do you prefer?

A. Rainy

B. Windy

C. Sunny

7. Which sound would you prefer to sleep to if you had a choice?

A. Hair dryer sound

B. Rain sound on window


8. What kind of coffee do you prefer?

A. Espresso

B. Black coffee

C. Americano

9. What do you admire the most about yourself?

A. Your individuality. You place a high value on expressing yourself through your style

B. Your generosity. Everyone deserves to be loved and respected, so you make every effort to be friendly and welcoming

C. Your thirst for adventure. You'll never be afraid to try new things or broaden your horizons. You're up for any challenge

10. What is your sinful pleasure?

A. Having a fixation on fictional characters. Why can't real-life people live up to your favorite fictional love interests?

B. Purchasing (or desiring) a variety of colored yoga pants. Is it true that you *need* that many leggings? No. But do you really *want* them? Yes

C. I'm watching YouTube clothing hauls. It's the *ideal* way to get style inspiration and live out your fashionista fantasies vicariously

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