Would You Date Me Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 126 | Updated: Oct 07, 2022
 Would You Date Me Quiz?

If the question “would you date me?” is on your mind, then this quiz is designed to help you dig deep and find a reasonable answer. We often doubt ourselves in almost all aspects of our life. Dating is challenging and could make one question their dating prospects. However, you will feel fine after you give dating a chance, and be ready for some dates not to work out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you date?

A. Quite often

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

2. What is it that you are looking for in your date?

A. Physical attraction

B. Fun

C. A good conversation

3. Are you a confident person?

A. Yes, I am

B. I think I am

C. No, I am not

4. Do you feel comfortable in a social setting?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes, I do

C. No, I don’t

5. Do you approach people or do people approach you for a date?

A. I approach most of the time

B. I get approached a lot

C. I think it is a mix of both

6. What is the idea of an ideal date in your mind?

A. Someplace cozy

B. Somewhere casual

C. Somewhere classy

7. Do you lead a healthy lifestyle and tell people to do the same?

A. Yes, but I don’t tell other people

B. Yes, and all the time

C. Yes, and sometimes

8. How do you handle change?

A. I get really nervous and almost resistant to change

B. I embrace change

C. It takes a while to get used to the change

9. What are you seeking in a relationship?

A. Longevity

B. Understanding

C. I am not sure

10. Are you a good listener?

A. I think so

B. I think I am getting better

C. Not that great

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