The Need to Rebuild Romance in Marriage

Romance in Marriage

After some years of marriage, when monotony and the daily chores creep up, romance and passion seems to dissolve into nothingness. This creates in unhappy marriages and unhappy lives. According to most marriage counselors, love doesn’t actually disappear between married couples. The romance and passion just get concealed behind feelings of neglect, anger, loneliness, boredom and resentment.


Therefore, in order to make your marriage a happy and successful one, it is essential to rediscover those romantic feelings and rebuild romance in marriage. Some simple tips to rebuild romance in marriage


1. Sleep together, literally

Every couple should go to bed at the same time. Sleeping at the same time provides an opportunity to cuddle, kiss and be with each other. Even if the couple doesn’t talk to each other, being physically close often strengthens the emotional connection between them


2. Date often

Most married couples stop dating each other and start taking each other for granted. A dating drought is often noticed when infatuation converts into long-term commitment. You must remember the beautiful moments of your initial dates and organize a surprise date. Dating each other often will allow you to appreciate each other and keep the spark of your relationship alive.


3. Make time for each other

It is really very important to accommodate time for each other. Your partner might be interested in going to a concert with you whereas you are too tired after work and the household chores. Such things happen frequently between married couples and therefore it is necessary to create a couple’s calendar so that you can make time to take your spouse to a date, a concert or a movie.


4. Plan a vacation every few months

It is very healthy for marriage couples to spend some time with each other in a distant place, far away from home. This helps them appreciate and bond with each other better. Therefore, you must plan a vacation every few months to rekindle the romance in your marriage.


5. Make sure that your sex life is active

Healthy married couples have sex very often. When your sex life is active, there is very little room for grudges and resentment. Therefore, buy some fancy lingerie and initiate sex on a daily basis. This will make your man feel desirable. You must recharge your sex life to make your marriage work.


It is vital to rebuild romance in marriage in order to have a happy and fulfilling life. These simple tips will surely help you to keep the spark in your marriage alive so that you feel content and cheerful about your married life.