Which Is the Best Romantic Getaway for Me Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 697
 Which Is the Best Romantic Getaway for Me Quiz?

Have you been planning a romantic getaway with your special one but couldn’t shortlist a destination? Planning a memorable vacation with your partner could be a task, especially if both of you have varying taste and preferences.

In case you’re planning a surprise for your better half or just quickly want to plan a romantic stay together, take this quiz. By answering these simple questions, you might be able to find out which place can be the perfect romantic getaway for you!

Questions Excerpt

1. How much budget are you considering for this trip?

A. A decent amount

B. Not much

C. A lavish amount

D. A few thousand bucks

2. How would you like to spend a free afternoon?

A. Hiking or biking on a nature trail

B. Attending fun events around

C. Exploring city with friends

D. Relaxing at home

3. What’s your favorite season?

A. Summer

B. Fall

C. Spring

D. Winter

4. What would be the first thing we would do when we get there?

A. Stay at a hotel, enjoy the view around

B. Check for nearby fun places

C. Go to all the historical sites

D. Stay at a hotel, make love

5. Which type of drink would you prefer on your vacation?

A. Mocktail/cocktail

B. Beer

C. Champagne

D. Wine

6. How socially connected do you want to stay on a vacation?

A. Not much

B. Not active for a few hours

C. Totally active

D. Depends on my mood

7. How much alone time do you want with your partner on a vacation?

A. A few hours is sufficient

B. We enjoy ample alone time, so it’s not needed on a vacation

C. Would want to spend the nights by ourselves

D. A lot of it

8. What type of surface would you rather have underfoot?

A. Grass/sand

B. Mosaic floor

C. Bare streets

D. Carpet

9. Which type of music do you enjoy the most?

A. Instrumental/soft

B. Rock/pop

C. Country

D. Groovy/chilling

10. Which food would you most likely choose in a restaurant?

A. Exotic

B. Fast food

C. Local dishes

D. Standard and popular items

11. What type of clothing would you prefer on a vacation?

A. Easygoing and relaxed

B. Stylish and trendy

C. Depends on the destination

D. Would love to stay in pajamas

12. Would you like to explore the local culture while you travel?

A. To some extent

B. Not much

C. Yes

D. Not really

13. What kind of accommodation would you like while on a getaway?

A. Comfortable enough

B. Any decent one

C. Having all basic amenities

D. A cozy homestay

14. Do you like to capture memories as you travel?

A. Yes, occasionally

B. Just of the best parts

C. Yes, all the time

D. Rarely

15. What would you be most excited about while going on a vacation?

A. Break from routine

B. Having a fun time

C. Exploring new things

D. A lot of rest

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