Romance Languages: Five Ways to Love and Be Loved | Romance Languages: Five Ways to Love and Be Loved |

Romance Languages: Five Ways to Love and Be Loved

Romance Languages: Five Ways to Love and Be Loved

Love without romance languages would yield very unfulfilling partnerships. We all want to love and feel loved. Have you ever wondered how we do that? Of course, we know it’s done through affection and kind words but are you aware that there are 5 languages of romance. There is a lot to loving and being loved that you’ve probably haven’t realized. If you are asking yourself, “What are the romance languages?” the answer to that question is below.

What are the romance languages?

There are five romance languages we use to express our feelings to romantic partners. The five romance languages are words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch (a popular favorite). All five contribute to two people falling in love and act as love maintenance tools. They all work together to keep partners in love. Let’s go over each one in detail so you have a better understanding of all five.

Words of affirmation

Love thrives with positive language and positive language in love enhances a couple’s connection as well as each other’s well-being. Compliments and words of encouragement are more than just words. They trigger an extremely positive response. In fact, a study led by Professor Norihiro Sadato showed that compliments or any type of social reward improve daily performance. You see, being loved is more than emotional fulfillment. It impacts the mind too.

Words of affirmation-love language for couples


Material things do have some significance when it comes to love but it isn’t about value. The significance lies in the thought and effort. When a person receives a gift their first thought isn’t, “What did I get?” but rather, “Someone thought about me.” This romance language is actually a win-win for both partners because whether you are the giver or receiver, you benefit. Those that receive the gift feel special while the gift giver gets to see their partner happy.

Gifts-love language for couples

Acts of service

Doing chores around the house can actually make your partner fall in love with you over and over again. Most people, especially those that hate housework, may brush it off as something insignificant but doing so is a huge mistake. Acts of service like taking out the trash, washing the dishes, walking the dog and picking up the dry cleaning matter because it shows that you are a team player. Displaying that attitude strengthens a relationship because it shows willingness and care. Even if you work all day, commit to doing 1-2 acts of service per day and maybe 3-4 on weekends. Even the tiniest bit of effort will make a huge difference.

Acts of service-love language for couples

Quality time

Quality time for couples means having one another’s undivided attention. Couples need this even though most have difficulty getting that quality time. Its significance is largely based on connecting both mentally, emotionally and having the opportunity to connect physically as well. Whenever there is an opportunity for quality time, even a short ten-minute window, take it. During this time have a quality conversation involving the exchange of feelings, thoughts and desires along with being engaging by asking questions and actually listening.

Quality time-love language for couples

Physical touch

Physical touch, a favorite love language for couples, goes beyond physicality. There are many dialects of this love language which are holding hands, hugging, kissing and sex. Physical expression is one of the best ways to communicate love. Couples will benefit from balancing both implicit and explicit touch. Implicit touch is like an embrace or kiss (basically a gesture that is short and to the point) while a massage or sex is explicit.

Physical touch-love language for couples

Get it? Now go implement your new found knowledge.

Facts about romance languages

Do a search for romance languages facts and you will find tons of valuable information. Love language for couples is a never ending topic because all five are so significant. Here are a few physiological facts surrounding romance languages:


Fact: Holding hands with someone you love can alleviate stress and reduce fear.

Corresponding love language: Physical Touch


Fact: Expressing gratitude to someone you love increases happiness immediately.

Corresponding love language: Words of Affirmation


Fact: Being close to the person you love not only enhances love but boosts want and desire.

Corresponding love language: Quality Time and/or Physical Touch


Fact: Cuddling releases natural painkillers.

Corresponding love language:  Physical Touch


Now that you know more about all five romance languages along with some interesting facts, all there is left to do is use these languages in your relationship. Everyone has one or two primary love languages that they best respond to. Test them all out and learn which ones resonate with your partner the most and discover what your primary languages are as well. Make the effort to cover all five in your relationship and enjoy the impact love languages for couples has on your partnership. Both you and your spouse will be more fulfilled, much happier and super close.

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