10 Ways To Be Romantic With Your Husband

Ways To Be Romantic With Your Husband

Hollywood has got a lot to answer for. Hollywood’s leading men are either tough guys, men’s men who avoid romance at all costs, or romantic virtuosos who go out of their way to romance the woman they want.

But what about everyday guys? What about men like your husband? Most men don’t fall into either of those extremes. Men like and appreciate romance just as much as women, though sometimes their definition of romantic differs. And men absolutely shouldn’t take on the role of being the only one to do romantic things in any relationship.

If you want to show your guys some romance, try out one of these ten easy ways to be romantic with your husband.]

1. Tell him what you love about him

Hearing what you love about him is affirming for your husband. Take a moment every day to compliment him. Do you love the way he always makes you laugh? Do you admire how driven he is in his career? Does he make the best marinara sauce you’ve ever tasted? Tell him! Make regular, genuine, compliments part of your day.

2. Get touchy feely

No, we don’t mean sex (though that’s fun too). Make touch a regular part of your life together. Hold his hand when you walk down the street, or give him a shoulder or foot rub when you’re relaxing on the couch together. Just tucking your arm around him or giving him a hug or a kiss on the cheek connects you both and promotes intimacy.

3. Go out on a date

When you’re married, it’s all too easy to forget about dating. It’s time to rekindle that flame – going out on a date is a sure way to romance your husband. Arrange a sitter for the night and decide on a venue for your date. Get out and see a show or eat out. For added romance, get ready separately and meet at the venue, just like you did at the beginning of your relationship.

Going out on a date is a sure way to romance your husband

4. Send a love note

Write him a note designed to put a smile on his face. Whether it’s sweet or saucy, x-rated or funny, write something you know he’ll love. Slip it into his briefcase or lunch bag, or tuck it inside the book he’s reading. It’s an easy, sweet surprise, that will make him feel appreciated and romanced.

5. Have an adventure

Having an adventure together is a great way to put a little spark back in your relationship. Is there something your husband loves to do, or has always wanted to do, like skiing or learning a new language? Is there a place you’ve always said you’ll go together, or a restaurant you keep meaning to try? Now’s the time to do it. Take a night or weekend and have a little adventure of your own – doing something new and fresh makes your relationship feel new, too.

6. Encourage a guys night out

Guys need time with their friends just as much as you need girls’ time. Watch the kids for the night so he can head out with his friends. If you know there’s an event coming up that he wants to go to with his guy friends, encourage him to go for it. He’ll love that you support his right to a little guy time.

Encourage a guys night out

7. Give him time to relax

Does he always cook dinner or take out the trash? Do one of his chores for a night and let him have the time to himself. Perhaps he’s stressed about a work project, or has been working extra long hours. Show you care with a foot rub, a cold beer, or doing some extra things round the house to support him till things calm down.

8. Get your endorphins pumping

There’s nothing quite like getting out and getting active. Regular exercise is good for your health – do it together so you can bond and enjoy each other’s company at the same time. Go for a jog in the local park, try out ice skating or tennis, or grab some friends for a game of frisbee. You’ll feel great and the time together will add some romance to your relationship.

9. Wear something he likes

Now it’s not the 1950s and we’re not suggesting you start dressing just for your man. There’s something to be said for wearing something you know he loves, though. He’ll love what he sees, and he’ll appreciate that you took the trouble to wear it for him. So next time he mentions he loves the way you look in that dress, or that you look so cute in that button down shirt, take note and wear it the next time you do something together.

10. Flirt in secret

A little secret flirtation is fun and naughty, and the perfect way to romance your husband. Send him a saucy text in the middle of the day. Lean in over coffee or during grocery shopping and whisper sweet nothings in his ear. If you’re out to dinner or at a show, write something just for him on the napkin or ticket and pass it to him – a suggestive secret that you only you share will quickly fire up the romance.

Being romantic to your husband makes him feel loved and appreciated and adds sparkle to your relationship no matter how long you’ve been married. With these easy ideas there’s always time for romance, so why not try one today?