Child Abuse

Child Abuse

What is Child Abuse and Neglect?

Child abuse is physical, emotional ill treatment, sexual abuse, negligence and other forms of exploitation of children that can potentially harm their physical health, mental health, growth, development and dignity.

Children are weak, defenseless and hence are vulnerable to abuse. More than 700,000 children are subjected to child abuse annually in the U.S. In the year 2014, U.S National estimates revealed that 4 children succumbed to death per day due to injuries inflicted during abuse. These numbers have not reduced considerably since then.

Child abuse is a criminal offense. Child abuse laws have been enacted to protect children from offenders. These laws can ensure that children are treated fairly and ethically by their parents, guardians, caregivers and other acquaintances.

This section consists of detailed information about child abuse cases, pertinent laws and getting legal help for child abuse victims.

How to Avoid Child Abuse

How to Avoid Child Abuse?

Child abuse includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. Avoiding all types of child abuse starts by educating …
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What is Child Abuse?

Parents who abuse, neglect, or abandon children can be regarded as unfit. Where the children have another fit parent, the …
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Child Abuse Laws by State

One of the most difficult things about child abuse is that it is very difficult to define.  Parents have historically …
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Child Abuse Cases

Child abuse is often a hidden crime.  Typically, once suspected abuse gets reported the state or local child protective services …
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History of Child Abuse Laws

Child abuse has historically been a very difficult topic for the legal system to figure out.  This is because parents …
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Child Abuse Laws

Child abuse is a complicated issue that is difficult to deal with.  Each state has its own system, and laws …
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