Domestic Violence and Abuse

the abuse in question was in no way your fault

After Domestic Violence – The Beginning of Chapter 2

It is not that uncommon for a person to suffer from an abuse of various sorts, however, the issue of …

By Emily Wilson

Blogger| 5  min read

How to Handle an Abusive Wife?

How to Handle an Abusive Wife?

A lot of men face abuse from their partner in marriages. As surprising as this may sound, it is true. …

4  min read

Physical or emotional abuse is a sad reality for some couples

Spot Domestic Abuse: The Vital Signs Of Domestic Abuse Checklist

All relationships are different, we can all acknowledge and accept that statement.  A ‘normal’ relationship is a mythological creature for …

5  min read

Forms of Domestic Violence

Forms of Domestic Violence You Need To Know About

It’s common for people to equate physical abuse with domestic violence, and they would be right. However, physical abuse is …

By Kevin Crowley

DUI Lawyer| 2  min read

assess the unhealthy aspects of your relationship from an unbiased perspective

Steps Men Can Take To Help Women Recover from Sexual Violence

Women have always faced sexual violence, but such incidents have increased tenfold in recent years. A survey shows that one …

4  min read

4 Must-Know Signs of Mental Abuse in Marriage

4 Must-Know Signs of Mental Abuse in Marriage

Nobody deserves to be abused, either physically or emotionally. Although, physical abuse is easy to identify, recognizing emotional and mental …

4  min read

Timely help can avert aggravation of symptoms

Coping with Substance Addiction – Q&A

Susán Hoemke knows firsthand what it’s like to have a loved one who is struggling with addiction. A wife and …

By Susan Hoemke

Blogger| 6  min read

One person trying to control every aspect of his or her partner’s life can also be considered psychological abuse

Signs of Verbal and Emotional Abuse You Should Not Ignore

What amazes outsiders is how blind the victims can be to emotional and verbal abuse signs. It is truly an …

4  min read

The Anatomy of Mental and Emotional Abuse

The Anatomy of Mental and Emotional Abuse

Sometimes, you just need clear signs that you are a victim of mental and emotional abuse. Why? Because for many …

4  min read

3 Powerful Ways to Support your Sexually Abused Wife

If your spouse was a victim of childhood or teen sexual abuse, she may be unknowingly bringing some of the …

By Amrita Grace

Author| 4  min read

10 Signs of an Abusive Wife and How to Deal with It

Men are usually not the only ones who are abusive. As shocking as it might be, women can be abusive …

4  min read

It is important to intervene when a person close to you is being gaslighted

Things to Do If Someone Suffers from Emotional Abuse in Relationships

Emotional abuse is a silent killer in many relationships. Subtle attacks and backhanded compliments have ended more relationships than we …

4  min read

You’ll never manage to change an abusive spouse

What Emotional Abuse Looks like in Marriage

When someone hears the phrase “emotional abuse,” they may feel like it would be easy to spot. You’d think that …

4  min read

Abusive partner

Why People Stay in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Emotionally abusive relationships may or may not appear as such from the outside. Emotional abuse is sometimes so subtle that …

5  min read

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