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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 11864 | Updated: Nov 10, 2022
 Are You In An Abusive Relationship Quiz?

In a relationship, you have to share the bed, the bathroom, live in the same house, and sometimes share the same car as well. But does a relationship mean just this much? Isn't a relationship also about sharing emotions, problems, and happiness? And being there for your companion? 

But what if your partner does not value your companionship? What if your partner tortures you emotionally and physically? What if you have to live in constant fear?Would you like to be in such a relationship? 

Attempt our Are You In An Abusive Relationship quiz to find out if you are in an abusive relationship already. Note: We completely condemn violence. 

We also believe that physical violence of any kind must never be tolerated.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you fear your partner most of the time?

A. Yes, quite frequently.

B. Sometimes

C. I've never been afraid of them

2. Does your partner ever belittle you or make you feel humiliated?

A. Yes, story of my life.

B. Maybe once or twice.

C. Never

3. Does your partner constantly check up on you (asking who you're with, where you are, when you'll be home)?

A. Yes, quite often.

B. Maybe a couple of times.

C. Never

4. Has your partner ever threatened to commit suicide if you would ever think about leaving them?

A. Yea, and he/she was totally serious.

B. Yes, but just as a joke.

C. Never

5. Is your partner short-tempered, acting against your will because of something slightly upsetting?

A. Yes, and I see that side quite frequently.

B. Maybe once in a while.

C. Never. I have never seen that side of my partner.

6. Has your partner ever destroyed your belongings or property?

A. Yes

B. Maybe once.

C. Never would I let them

7. Does your partner limit who you can see (friends, family, children)?

A. Most unfortunately, yes.

B. Sometimes

C. Never. I have my freedom.

8. Has your partner ever blamed you for them irrational behavior?

A. Absolutely, yes.

B. Not really.

C. Never.

9. Has your partner ever physically assaulted you?

A. Yes. More than once.

B. A few times.

C. Never.

10. Does your partner use abusive language when you both get into an argument?

A. Always. Screaming and swearing is normal.

B. Sometimes. Only when the argument gets really rough.

C. No, never.

11. Do they always blame you for everything wrong happening with them?

A. No, I have never experienced this behavior from their end

B. Sometimes, when they are agitated

C. All the time

12. Do they find a way to always convince you that no one is concerned about your welfare?

A. Never. We have healthy relationships around

B. Sometimes, they say this

C. Yes, they often tell me they are my only genuine caretaker

13. Is there a cycle of explosive attitude where they shower you with love and affection after an outburst?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. Almost every other day

14. Does your partner insult or mimic you?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. All the time

15. Are you always extra-careful about your activities, speech, and the like?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. All the time

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