What Is Your Sexual Fantasy Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 7500
What Is Your Sexual Fantasy Quiz
Sexual fantasies are normal, and most people have them, whether they are willing to admit to it or not. There is nothing wrong with having fantasies, regardless of how wrong they may seem. Do you have sexual fantasies? Have you ever acted on them? Are you not sure if you would even like to try any of them out? If you are considering acting on a sexual fantasy but aren’t sure which would be best for you or which one you would enjoy the most, take this short quiz and reveal which sexual fantasy you desire.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does the thought of using whips, chains, bondage tape, or other kinky accessories arouse you?

A. No

B. Yes, very much

C. Sometimes

D. I don’t think so; I’ve never thought about it

2. Which of these have you fantasized about?

A. Orgy’s, threesome, or group sex

B. being in a dominant/submissive relationship

C. watching someone else have sex

D. Someone watching me have sex

3. Have you ever acted out any of these fantasies before?

A. Sex with multiple people at once

B. Being tied up, gagged, or inflicting pain for pleasure

C. Foot fetish or Bondage

D. Having sex in a public place

4. Do you get turned on by the idea of exposing yourself to someone else, whether it is with or without their consent?

A. I have never fantasized about that

B. No

C. Yes

D. Sometimes

5. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy where you are engaging in sex with your boss, employee, or another person in a position of power?

A. Rarely

B. Yes, frequently

C. I don’t think so

D. Sometimes

6. Have you ever had a fantasy about being dominant or submissive in a relationship where power and control are arousing to you?

A. Rarely

B. Frequently

C. Never

D. Sometimes

7. Are you aroused by the idea of having sex in a public place or being adventurous and finding a place you have never had sex before?

A. Rarely

B. Never

C. Sometimes

D. Frequently

8. Have you ever acted on one of your sexual fantasies?

A. Not really

B. No

C. Only a few times

D. Yes, I have

9. Do you have any sexual fantasies that you think other people would think are weird?

A. I don't think any of them are out of the ordinary

B. Yes, I definitely think people will think they are weird

C. Sometimes, they might

D. Not most of the time; they are all pretty standard

10. Do you have an exclusive sexual partner currently, or are you in a committed relationship?

A. Yes, I am

B. No, I am not

C. I am seeing a few people, but nothing serious

D. I am not seeing anyone right now

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