5 Common Relationship Problems – Solve Them Together Without Losing Your Mind

It is important that couples are able to tackle and deal with problems together

All relationships have their highs and lows, even the happiest of ones. There is no escaping them and if not dealt with accurately, they can lead your relationships towards absolute chaos and destruction.

Much of the issues that couples face are minor and can easily be avoided with mutual effort, understanding and respect. Although bumps along the path of marriage are unavoidable, if you are aware of them beforehand, you will be able to overcome them without leading your relationship to the verge of collapse.

It is important that couples are able to tackle and deal with problems together instead of blaming, fighting or any other similar behavior.

Mentioned below are the most common relationship problems and solutions to help you identify and overcome any such issues in your relationship.

Problem 1: Poor communication

Most of the marital conflicts arise due to lack of or poor communication between the spouses.

Couples that prioritize their time with their electronic gadgets over their partner often cause serious discontentment in their marriage.


It is important that couples devote a small amount of time to each other, where they keep all devices aside, are free from all kinds of work or household tasks and have also put the kids to bed.

During this time they should talk about their day, share valuable information and simply be in each other’s presence. It is better than both of them try to stay focused to what their partner is saying, nod along instead of showing poor body language of inattentiveness to ensure that their spouse knows that you’re all ears.

Problem 2: Financial concerns

Money plays an important role in marital satisfaction

The second factor that causes the most of marriage conflicts is financial issues. Money plays an important role in marital satisfaction and is important to both men and women for self-esteem, stability, and security.


Couples should be candid with each other about their financial status and talk about any possible financial crisis that they may encounter. Be honest to your partner and do not keep any secrets such as debts, incomes, credit card reports, etc. and instead seek advice.

Couples should also be aware of each other’s mindset and try to understand each other’s perspective.

Setting spending rules and limits, as well as a house budget, may also be great to handle finances.

Problem 3: Household responsibilities

Resentment may be built up if housework is divided unequally between the partners or one of the partners fails to do agreed upon share of household chores. The other spouse may feel burdened, disrespected and unsupported.

This is usually the case when husbands slack behind on helping their wives who are left to do everything from laundry to the dishes to the cleaning to even taking care of the children.


Decide and split up the housework equally amongst yourselves. Be organized and punctual at what you are supposed to do to be fair and avoid resentment.

Secondly, if both of you despise household chores, try a cleaning service that would take off the hassle from the two of you.

Problem 4:  Lack of physical intimacy

Being loved and desired by your significant other is what all spouses want

Having the slightest of disagreement, being physically intimate is the first thing that couples give up.

This is simply wrong! Being loved and desired by your significant other is what all spouses want and avoiding it will result in dissatisfaction, frustration and even extra-marital affairs.


Continue to spice up your married life in the bedroom.

Try out sexual fantasies that the two of you may have to have fun and enjoy. Moreover, don’t want until nighttime when everyone is simply exhausted. Surprise each other or try new things to keep the spark in your sexual life lighted.

Problem 5: Continuous fights and arguments

Occasional fights are considered healthy for a relationship, however, continuous fights over the same issue is the sign of a toxic marriage. If you find that you and your spouse are simply unable to sit together and not end up arguing, it is high time you try to change this before your marriage ends.


Learn to argue in a rather civil manner.

Do not attack each other or pretend to be the victim. Try to hear out your partner and find out where their words are coming from and accept if it is your mistake. It is okay to be wrong at times but it is important to realize and apologize after.

The relationship problems and solutions mentioned above are a great way to realize and correct the mistakes before your relationships reach demise.

It is good to be aware and stay cautious of the most common marital conflicts but also be equipped to tackle them without them getting the best of your relationship.

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