What Is the Biggest Problem in My Relationship Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 46
What Is the Biggest Problem in My Relationship Quiz
There are issues in every relationship from time to time, but when there continue to be ongoing issues that occur for no particular reason, it could be very frustrating. Sometimes, people get to a point where things build up, and before you know it, they are fighting over every little thing as a result of their pent-up frustration. If this sounds like what you are experiencing, you may be wondering what to do. It is important to know what the issues are and how they started, so you could come up with a plan to fix them. The best advice is to start with the biggest problem and work your way through all the issues. But how do you know what the biggest relationship problems actually are? Take this short quiz and find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which of these areas would you say result in the most conflict in your relationship?

A. Intimacy

B. Connectedness

C. The past

D. Trust

2. Has either of you ever experienced infidelity in a relationship?

A. I have cheated before, but not on my current partner

B. No

C. There has been infidelity in my past relationships

D. There has been infidelity in our current relationship

3. Do you feel like there are issues of trust in your relationship?

A. Maybe, but there hasn’t been any proof

B. No, I don’t believe so

C. Sometimes, we do have trust issues

D. We definitely have trust issues in our relationship

4. How do you feel you are able to communicate your needs and concerns with your partner and vice versa?

A. I think we have pretty good communication most of the time

B. We don’t have good communication at all. There seems to always be a disconnect between us

C. Sometimes there are communication issues, but not all the time

D. Most of the time, we can communicate effectively, but certain things we can’t agree on or understand each other

5. When you have arguments or disagreements, how do they typically start?

A. Things tend to build up over time until they just boil over and cause a huge fight

B. Frustration over not feeling like they understand me or my needs

C. It seems like we could fight over any little thing

D. Jealousy

6. Do you think you both feel that there are issues in your relationship?

A. Yes

B. I am not sure about my partner, but I definitely do

C. Sometimes

D. No

7. If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be?

A. Their emotional connectedness to me and showing me they still want me and are attracted to me

B. That we had more of the same interests or goals

C. Their past affects how they are right now

D. Commitment and trust

8. Do you frequently have the same fights over and over, or are they always about something different?

A. We could fight about anything, but a majority of the time, it’s rooted in the same thing

B. It’s always different

C. It’s about half and half

D. It’s usually the same things

9. How do your fights/arguments/disagreements usually end?

A. We usually agree to try to work on the issue, but then things don’t change

B. Either one or both of us walk away

C. We ignore each other for a few days until we cool down

D. We can argue for days until one of us just has had enough

10. Are you happy in your relationship?

A. Most of the time, I am

B. Not really

C. Sometimes I am, sometimes I am not

D. I am not sure

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