Unlocking the Secrets to Marriage Satisfaction

Unlocking the Secrets to Marriage Satisfaction

Marriage is considered as the most important human relationship for the reason that it’s the main foundation of starting your own family. Up to this date, people still view marriage as an important part of their lives.

Some may not consider marriage until their late 20’s or early 30’s but ultimately, it’s one of the most important goals of most couples. Once married, the challenges of keeping marriage satisfaction becomes a priority so the marriage won’t lead to divorce but who’s responsible in keeping the marriage happy and harmonious?

What is marriage satisfaction?

Let’s face it, a happy marriage provides not just the couple but the whole family a bond that lasts. If the couple has marriage satisfaction, it becomes a strong foundation to raise a family, a sense of meaning and identity to everyone in the family.

What is marriage satisfaction and how do you know if you have it?

Satisfaction in marriage isn’t about having a perfect marriage. It’s not about having a happily-ever-after life with no problems and just pure love and happiness. Those only exist in fairy tales and not in real life.

Marriage satisfaction is when two people who are married accept one another for their own individual personalities with respect and love while growing together.

It’s not just being able to grow old together; it’s growing wiser together and being able to support each other while fulfiling their dreams.

Therefore, marital satisfaction is a mental state where a married person is happy and satisfied with the benefits as well as the costs of being married to their spouse. Now that we know what marriage satisfaction means, we ought to understand why it’s so challenging to maintain a good and harmonious marriage.

Marriage satisfaction – why it’s challenging?

Although marriage seems to be the best choice in creating your own family, statistics also show how a great number of marriages sadly end with divorce. This is the truth, marriage isn’t a guarantee that you’ll end up being together a lifetime.

Marital satisfaction is indeed a challenge no matter how strong your foundation is; trials and life itself will test you and your relationship.

There can be many reasons why a couple would have a hard time aiming for satisfaction with their marriage, some of the things and situations that will affect one’s perception of being satisfied in marriage are as follows:

Financial problems

We all know that money will a play a great part in one’s relationship.

It’s just practical to want your own house, your own car and to be able to send your children to a good school. Let’s face it, if one partner is irresponsible, the whole family and the marriage will be affected greatly.

Optimism and pessimism

How a person views their spouse will greatly affect if they are satisfied with the marriage.

If you are someone who only sees the negative traits of your spouse, then satisfaction is hard to achieve. Being optimistic about your marriage and your spouse can play a huge part in feeling satisfied with one another.

Everyone has their not-so-good qualities. If you know how to accept that and work together about it, you’ll have a happier marriage.


This one is one of the hardest trials of any marriage. If one is tempted to have extramarital affairs or is indulging into vices and addiction, sooner or later, it will greatly affect not just the marriage satisfaction but the family itself.

Your marriage and your family doesn’t just need to be complete, it needs nourishing, love and respect. If one would drift away from the marriage and find “happiness” elsewhere, then how can you find satisfaction?


Being envious towards other married couples or families will only bring a negative impact in your marriage. I

nstead of seeing how beautiful your marriage and your family is, you’ll ultimately just focus on how much the grass is greener on the other side. How can you be satisfied with your own marriage when you’re so busy comparing instead of working on your own marriage and family?

Important reminders in seeking marital satisfaction

Important reminders in seeking marital satisfaction

If you want to seek marital satisfaction, you have to start with yourself.

It won’t just come to you; you have to work hard for it. If you’re wondering how you can start achieving this, remember the following: 

1. People change and this includes your spouse

Your basis of being satisfied with this person should not only depend on just some specific traits.

It should be the acceptance of your spouse as a person including all the bad traits they have. People change, and remember that sooner or later, what you love about them might change so you have to know how to grow with your partner. 

2. Try to see the person’s value and efforts

Don’t focus on your partner’s disappointing traits because if you do, you will never find satisfaction or even happiness.

Appreciation can do so much for a marriage. If you start seeing your spouse past their weaknesses then you’ll see how fortunate you are to have them. 

3. Value your spouse

Don’t just love them, respect and value the person. If you respect your spouse and value them as a person then temptation won’t have the power over you. 

4. Keep up with the effort

When you’re not yet married, it may seem that you’ll do things just to show how much you love your partner right? Marriage isn’t the end of these efforts. Show how much you love your spouse; in fact, this is the time where you should show how consistent you are with showing how much you value the person you married.

If this is done in marriage, don’t you think it’ll play a great part in the union of two people?

Who’s responsible for keeping marriage satisfaction?

Lastly, people may ask if it’s the man’s responsibility to secure the marital satisfaction of a marriage or is it the wife’s responsibility.

The answer is fairly simple; two people who are married are both responsible in making sure that they are both satisfied with their marriage.

Marriage satisfaction is a labor of love, respect, and appreciation of two people who are married. Together, you won’t just grow old but you will both grow wise and loyal to your marriage while imparting important life lessons to your children.  

Marriage satisfaction isn’t an impossible goal, it’s a challenging one but definitely the most rewarding goal that any married couple can have.