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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 51 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Relationship Analysis Quiz
Every interaction with our partner in a romantic relationship has the possibility of making us feel happy or disappointed. Consciously or subconsciously, we analyze our reactions and our partner's reactions as well. A relationship analysis helps us understand whether we are on the right track or not. If that analysis makes you wonder how healthy your relationship is, take this test and determine what kind of relationship you are in. Knowing things about your relationship can guide your future decisions and attitude.

Questions Excerpt

1. You came home after a busy workday to see that your partner was watching television and had not made dinner.

A. You immediately start cooking so that your partner will not starve.

B. You call your friends and go out for dinner with them.

C. Your partner explains that they had just reached home after a work emergency and suggests ordering takeout or going out for dinner together.

2. Your partner performed badly during an important meeting at work

A. You hold yourself responsible because you two had an argument a week before.

B. You comfort your partner, and tell them that you are certain that there will be better opportunities in the future.

C. You feel sad for your partner, but you believe that their job is their problem.

3. Your partner has sprained their ankle during an outside activity a day before your vacation together. Now they are at home, medicated and asleep.

A. You are certain that the doctors have taken care of your partner and you continue with the vacation plans without your partner.

B. You are sleepless because of worry and do not think about the vacation at all.

C. You are glad that your partner did not have any major injuries, and have decided to cheer them up by spending the vacation time together.

4. Your partner made an unpleasant comment about you in front of your friends.

A. You immediately throwback a similar comment towards your partner.

B. Your partner apologized and you discussed it later at home.

C. The comment hurt you but you think it was just a joke.

5. What do you think about your partner’s personal flaws?

A. You love and accept your partner as they are.

B. You have not noticed any of them.

C. You will try to change them in order to help them become a better person.

6. Your partner was rude towards a salesperson in a shopping mall.

A. You immediately defend your partner’s conduct.

B. You get out of the store without saying a word.

C. You apologize to the salesperson for your partner’s behavior and discuss it with your partner in private.

7. Your partner wants to go to the swimming pool and asks you to come, but you would rather stay at home.

A. You say without hesitation that you are staying at home.

B. You go with your partner, even though it is cold outside.

C. You and your partner agree to do different things, but also plan to do something that you both enjoy next time.

8. You have found out that your partner contacted your boss. You ask your partner for an explanation. What is the most likely answer you would get:

A. “I wanted to surprise you with a present because you got a promotion.”

B. “I wanted to help you since I have heard you have got hardships at work.”

C. “I was looking for a job. I had no idea you work there.”

9. Do you think your relationship is a loving one?

A. Yes, my partner and I respect each other and we are kind towards each other.

B. It is understood, why would my partner otherwise be with me?

C. I have not thought about that.

10. How would you describe your relationship?

A. You feel an obligation to make it work.

B. It is a relationship full of trust, honesty and mutual attraction.

C. You feel like your partner is never there for you and you often spend time apart.

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