8 Problems That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Problems That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Remember when the biggest problem in your romantic life used to be where you were going for dinner on a Friday night? Ah, young love. As couples grow and learn about one another, their relationships become that much more rewarding… and that much more challenging. Each couple is unique in their love, but that doesn’t mean they don’t all share some common relationship problems along the way.
No relationship is perfect! Here are some common relationship problems every couple encounters at one point in their lives.

Let’s talk about sex

Sex and intimacy play huge roles in relationships, so it’s only natural that they would also be one of the biggest issues. Being intimate bonds you together and feels fantastic, which is why it’s so easy to be sensitive when the issue comes up.

Common relationship problems often have to do with sex in a wide variety of ways, such as:

  • Not enough sex: One common problem some couples face is a lack of sex in their relationship. Couples can avoid this issue by discussing openly and honestly about what their needs and expectations are when it comes to their physical relationship.
  • Sex is boring: Some couples may have certain sexual tendencies that aren’t always met by their mates. This, and being with the same partner for many years, can lead some to find their sex life boring. Look for ways to spice things up with bedroom games, monthly sex boxes, roleplaying, toys and more.
  • Sex is the only good thing in the relationship: Opposite of the above, your sex life may be the only good thing about your relationship. Believe it or not, some couples actually stay together because of their bedroom benefits, instead of their emotional needs being met. If you enjoy a physical relationship with your partner but can’t stand having a one on one date together, it is best to leave this relationship and look for someone who will fulfill all of your needs.

Poor communication

Communication is essential for healthy, lasting relationships. However, common relationship problems dictate that not all couples know how to talk to one another. This can lead to frustration, resentment, and a boatload of misunderstandings. Look for ways to problem-solve and communicating with one another without resorting to arguments.

Explain to your partner the way that you communicate. For example, you could say: “When I feel vulnerable or upset I tend to go silent.” This knowledge will encourage your partner to have patience and a better understanding of how to draw you out.

Unrealistic expectations

Moving in together or getting married to your partner doesn’t mean they will suddenly change personalities. If they were messy living on their own, they will likely be a messy roommate. If they didn’t want children when you first got serious, don’t expect this to change down the road.

Unrealistic expectations tear relationships apart.

Avoid unrealistic expectations by being open with one another before you get serious about exactly what you want out of a relationship. Learn to accept your partner as they are or move on and find someone whose personality better matches your life goals.

Unsupportive partner

Another common relationship problem occurs when a partner is unsupportive of goals and interests. When you are in a relationship you want to treat your partner like they can be whatever they want to be. You want them to follow their dreams and will do anything you can to help support them along the way – and you expect the same in return!


One of the most common relationship problems couples will admit to are troubles with finances. Not having enough money or not knowing how to split your financial burdens as well as loss of jobs, a lack of money, poor money management, debt, and overspending are all common issues that can put pressure on relationships.

Discuss your finances when your relationship gets serious and be honest about any debt you may have. Rely on one another if money gets tights and never stop communicating.

Cheating and other forms of infidelity

Cheating is a huge issue in relationships today. The internet has made all forms of cheating as simple as downloading an app. Sexting, emotional affairs, porn, sneaking around, and physical relationships with someone other than your romantic partner are all huge issues that damage relationships, sometimes irreversibly.

Infidelity is a hard subject to broach with your romantic partner, but it is in the best interest of your relationship to let your partner know when you are emotionally or physically checking out. You owe it to yourself to give your relationship another shot. Get your issues out in the open either with date nights or regular honest communication or seek couples counseling to help mend your relationship.

Not enough time spent alone

Some common relationship problems involve not spending enough time alone together. This is especially true for couples who have children. Between work and family obligations, you sometimes feel more like roommates than romantic partners. This is because you have stopped ‘dating’ one another. Such circumstances can make a romantic partner feel unappreciated, unattractive, and emotionally frustrated.

Call up your favorite babysitter and establish a child-free date night once a week with your spouse. This allows you to reconnect as a couple, instead of as parents. Go on dates and treat one another like you’re still trying to woo each other.


Boredom is a common problem in long-term relationships. Being with the same person for many years can seem to take the ‘spark’ out of your union. You may also feel you have outgrown one another. Don’t despair or give up. You can reverse this feeling by looking for new ways to connect with your partner. Look for new things to do together such as travel or take up a hobby. This will help you bond over something fun and exciting.

There are many common relationship problems that plague many couples today, but these bumps in the road are hardly impossible hurdles! Keep your lines of communication open and remember that time heals all wounds. These two pieces of advice will take you far in your romantic relationship.