What Is Your Darkest Sexual Fantasy Quiz

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What Is Your Darkest Sexual Fantasy Quiz
Getting dirty can allow us a whole other world of possibilities to explore. While some of them may seem innocent, you may wonder, what is your darkest sexual fantasy? When in touch with your sexual energy, you may feel desire towards objects, things, or situations that are highly unusual. Sometimes, the rush is so intense you may feel rather confused or ashamed. Have in mind that we all have something different that turns us on, as we are all humans. If you want to see which of the included sexual fantasies would be yours, take the following quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. What drives you insanely aroused?

A. Feeling the primal animal on the other side

B. Having the other person unresponsive

C. Feeling or inflicting pain on the other person

D. Having a shortage of breath

2. When you imagine things about the other person in the bedroom, what are they related to?

A. I imagine them as an animal

B. I imagine them as a corpse

C. I imagine them as a dictator

D. I imagine that they are gone, and I’m alone

3. What do you feel most drawn to?

A. Wildness

B. Coldness

C. Punishment

D. Suffocation

4. Which unusual sex location would you like to try out?

A. Stables

B. Cemetery

C. Dungeon

D. Vacuum

5. What is your usual type of partner?

A. They are wild and reactive

B. They are detached and inactive

C. They are controlling and demanding

D. They are walking on the edge and impulsive

6. What makes you go wild during sex?

A. Behaving like an animal

B. Lack of emotions

C. Aggression

D. Danger

7. Where does your partner stand in your darkest sexual fantasies?

A. They would be able to watch, or we can take turns

B. They could never join me in them

C. They are a crucial part for them to happen

D. They aren’t included in them

8. How legal are your fantasies?

A. They are illegal but fine if no one knows

B. They are illegal

C. They are legal

D. They are legal but unsafe

9. What do you look for in a sexual partner?

A. Their animal instincts, I like to get wild

B. Their stillness, I like to do whatever I want

C. Their dominance or submission, I like to have some power play

D. Their openness to risky business. I like the high

10. What would you like to explore in the bedroom if given a chance?

A. Having sex with a non-human thing or animal

B. Having sex with a non-living thing

C. Having sex using some harsh practices

D. Having sex with the risk for my life

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