What Is the Best Sex Position for Me Quiz

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What Is the Best Sex Position for Me Quiz
There is no denying that sex is one of the best things in the world, especially when you enjoy it. There are so many different types of sexual acts that it can be hard to determine which best suits your needs and will feel the best for you. If you wonder what position you should stick with to have the best experience possible every time, you have come to the right place. Take this quiz to find out which Read more could be your favorite sex position. Anal, bottom, top, missionary, doggy style, and the list of all the different positions you could try goes on and on. However, not all positions are for everyone, so it is a good idea to figure out which position is best for you as early as possible into your sex life. So, what is the best sex position for you? Take this quiz to find out! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Where would you most enjoy having sex?

A. In a bathroom anywhere or shower

B. In a car

C. In a bedroom

D. On the beach

2. Do you prefer to use toys during sex or no?

A. No, I prefer not to

B. It doesn’t matter to me; I am good with whatever

C. I never tried it

D. I prefer using toys

3. Do you enjoy foreplay or just getting right to the sex?

A. I like just getting into it

B. Yes, I enjoy the foreplay to help get me started, and then I will be more likely to finish

C. Whatever my partner prefers

D. I enjoy foreplay because it makes me feel wanted

4. How long would you typically prefer to have sex?

A. 15 minutes

B. 1 hour

C. 20 minutes

D. 30 minutes

5. How many orgasms do you typically have during sex?

A. More than 2

B. 2

C. 1

D. I am lucky if I have one

6. How many times do you prefer to have sex in one night?

A. Once

B. Three times

C. Twice

D. Once, but I hardly ever finish

7. How long do you typically wait before you have sex with someone?

A. About a week

B. The first night, if it feels right

C. A month

D. Three months or more

8. Is oral sex a must for you?

A. No, I could live without it

B. Yes, it is vital in foreplay and getting things started

C. Yes, I enjoy giving it and receiving it

D. It is not a must, but I prefer starting that way

9. If you had to choose a sex toy, which would you choose?

A. Anal beads

B. Whips or a gag

C. Vibrator

D. Handcuffs

10. How frequently do you prefer to have sex with your partner when you are in a relationship?

A. 3-4 times per week

B. Every day

C. 5-7 times per week

D. At least once a week

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