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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 19 | Updated: Apr 23, 2024
Are You a Selfish Lover Quiz

Relationships require effort and understanding from both parties, and sometimes, without realizing it, we might lean towards behaviors that serve our own needs more than those of our partners. Through a series of carefully crafted questions, the ‘Are you a selfish lover’ quiz will help you evaluate whether your actions in a relationship are self-centered, balanced, or predominantly in favor of your partner's happiness. Answer each question thoughtfully and honestly to uncover more about your romantic tendencies and how they might be affecting your relationship.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you react when your partner needs emotional support?

A. I listen, but I often get impatient or change the subject to my issues.

B. I provide support, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by their needs.

C. I attentively listen and offer my support wholeheartedly.

2. Your partner expresses a need for more help around the house. How do you respond?

A. I agree but often forget or prioritize my own tasks.

B. I make an effort, though I sometimes slip back into old habits.

C. I take it seriously and make immediate adjustments to share the load.

3. When making decisions that affect both of you, how do you proceed?

A. I generally make decisions based on what’s best for me.

B. I consult my partner, but my preferences usually prevail.

C. We discuss and make decisions that consider both of our needs.

4. How often do you compliment your partner?

A. Rarely, unless I need something from them.

B. Occasionally, especially when they have done something noticeable.

C. Regularly, I love to make them feel good about themselves.

5. When your partner discusses their successes, how do you respond?

A. I listen but often feel the need to bring up my own achievements.

B. I congratulate them, but sometimes I divert the focus to my own successes.

C. I celebrate their success as if it were my own.

6. In terms of intimacy, how do you handle your partner's desires?

A. My needs come first, and I expect my partner to comply.

B. We try to meet halfway, though I often prioritize my comfort.

C. I ensure their needs are met even if it means putting mine on hold.

7. Your partner is having a bad day. What’s your approach to making them feel better?

A. I might listen, but I’d prefer to do something that cheers me up instead.

B. I spend some time with them but tend to keep things light for my own sake.

C. I dedicate my time to doing whatever helps them feel better.

8. When your partner asks for honest feedback, how do you provide it?

A. I say what’s on my mind, even if it might hurt their feelings.

B. I try to be honest, but sometimes I sugarcoat things to avoid conflict.

C. I give constructive feedback thoughtfully and kindly.

9. How do you handle finances in the relationship?

A. I prioritize my financial needs and expect my partner to manage on their own.

B. We split things, but I sometimes put my financial priorities first.

C. We discuss and manage our finances together fairly.

10. When planning a date night, what usually guides your choice of activity?

A. Whatever I enjoy, regardless of my partner’s preferences.

B. I try to find a balance, but I often choose things I prefer.

C. I prioritize activities I know my partner will love.

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