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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 28 | Updated: Apr 11, 2024
Does My Partner Have Schizoid Personality Disorder Quiz

Understanding your partner's personality and behavior can sometimes highlight patterns that suggest deeper psychological traits. Schizoid Personality Disorder (SPD) is characterized by a consistent pattern of detachment from social relationships and a narrow range of emotional expressions in interpersonal settings. Those with SPD often prefer solitude, show little interest in close relationships, and may appear indifferent to praise or criticism. 

The ‘Does my partner have Schizoid Personality Disorder quiz’ aims to help you identify potential signs of SPD in your partner. Keep in mind, however, that this quiz cannot replace a professional diagnosis. It is intended as a preliminary tool to determine if seeking further evaluation from a mental health professional might be useful.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your partner's preference for spending their free time?

A. Engaging in activities with friends or family.

B. A mix of social activities and solitude.

C. Solitary activities, away from others.

2. How does your partner describe their need for close relationships?

A. They enjoy and seek out close relationships.

B. They are ambivalent about close relationships.

C. They have little to no interest in close relationships.

3. When faced with criticism or praise, how does your partner typically respond?

A. They show a strong emotional response.

B. They react moderately, showing some emotion.

C. They seem indifferent or detached.

4. How often does your partner initiate conversations about their feelings or emotions?

A. Frequently, they are open about their feelings.

B. Occasionally, but they might be somewhat reserved.

C. Rarely, if ever, they are very private about their emotions.

5. In terms of hobbies and interests, how would you describe your partner?

A. They have a wide range of interests, many of which are social.

B. They have some solitary and some social hobbies.

C. They prefer hobbies that can be done alone and don't involve others.

6. How does your partner handle changes in routine or unexpected social invitations?

A. They adapt easily and are generally flexible.

B. They might be slightly uncomfortable but can manage.

C. They find it difficult and prefer to stick to their routine.

7. How would you describe your partner's fantasy life or daydreaming habits?

A. They rarely engage in daydreaming or fantasy.

B. They sometimes retreat into their imagination.

C. They often prefer their fantasy world to real life interactions.

8. How does your partner express affection or closeness in your relationship?

A. They are openly affectionate and expressive.

B. They show affection in a more reserved manner.

C. They struggle to express affection or emotional closeness.

9. What is your partner's attitude towards forming new relationships?

A. They are open and often make efforts to meet new people.

B. They are cautious but not opposed to meeting new people.

C. They show little interest in meeting new people and forming new relationships.

10. How does your partner react to invitations to social events?

A. They are enthusiastic and often accept.

B. They are indifferent and sometimes accept.

C. They prefer to avoid them and usually decline.

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