Quiz: Are You a Top or Bottom Girl?

10 Questions
Quiz: Are You a Top or Bottom Girl?

Your curiosity is understandable. Some even go so far as to suggest you have to!

Finding out what we are willing to explore and what we genuinely feel comfortable with might be helped by understanding our role in the bedroom.

The experience is more delightful for both of you when you are aware of yourself and how to support your partner. Which one of the three do you represent? Are you ready? Then, take the- Are you a top or bottom girl quiz. 

Questions Excerpt

1. A stunning young woman/man is gazing at you while grinning. What would be your next move?

A. Asking them out

B. Waiting for their act first would be ok

C. Depends on

2. What go through your mind while you masturbate?

A. While giving my partner dirty talk and providing them hands-on pleasure

B. I imagine having sex with someone I like

C. Something enjoyable that I can relax and it gets me

3. Which would you choose: a kiss or a kissed?

A. Kissed

B. Be kissed

C. Both option is the same to me

4. Be admired by your partner or vs admire your partner.

A. Be admired by my partner

B. Admire to my partner

C. Both make me kinky

5. Pick one factor that influences your choice of fruit:

A. Simple to peel or no need to spit out the seeds

B. Delicate fruits that can be placed on plates

C. Low-sugar fruits will depend on my lifestyle

6. Which of the following voice types will you find more attractive?

A. Soft and gentle

B. Elegant

C. Deep, sultry voice gets me everytime

7. Which direction would you wish the hero and heroine to take in love dramas?

A. As they age together, they gradually fall in love with one another

B. Secretly falling in love with the hero, the heroine imagines herself staying with him forever

C. The hero and heroine have an on-again, off-again relationship that doesn't result in marriage until the very end

8. Let's say your friend phones you and told a difficulty they are having. What would you do?

A. Tell them what to do

B. Confirm their solutions

C. Sharing my similar experience would give them an option

9. What sort of event would you throw?

A. Private

B. Corporate

C. Charity

10. Which person irritates you the most?

A. A person who disregards your counsel

B. Someone who is demeaning to you

C. Someone who is ignorant

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