What Is Your Art Of Seduction Type Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 9831 | Updated: Sep 23, 2022
 What Is Your Art of Seduction Type Quiz?

Have you ever tried to entice others with your sensual side? Have you found it difficult to understand whether you are good at seduction or not? With this art of seduction quiz, you'll see what kind of seducer you are. Your answers will reveal your seducing personality. 

You can use this wisdom to figure out ways to improve your sex life. So, take the What Is Your Art of Seduction Type quiz and find out your art of seduction type right away!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you have any favorite cuisine?

A. Japanese Cuisine

B. Mexican Cuisine

C. Greek Cuisine

2. Do you have a favorite type of dance?

A. Salsa

B. Tango

C. I can’t dance, sorry

3. What is the best way to seduce someone you find attractive at a social gathering?

A. Don't say anything, but let your eyes do the talking. They should remember the expressions you give them

B. Do something childish to bring back memories of their childhood

C. Confound them by playing hot and cold. You should appear intriguing and difficult to figure out

4. What does your signature perfume smell like?

A. Like flowers

B. Oriental fragrance

C. I have no signature perfume

5. The seduction has begun, and you are getting to know each other. What would you say regarding your past?

A. Make them believe they are your first true love and that you have never been seduced before

B. Don't say anything, refuse to talk about it. The less they know about you is better

C. Just do not share anything

6. What is your plan so that they agree to go out on the next date with you?

A. Take them to a restaurant that suits their tastes, based on what you've learned from your first few meetings

B. Nothing, be quiet and let them decide

C. I guess without asking, taking them to a place of your choice is the best way

7. While speaking to your partner, how do you act?

A. Mysterious and sexy

B. Flirtatious and charming

C. Playful and loving

8. You say one thing, but what intention/aura/vibe do you actually want to give off?

A. Warm and friendly

B. Challenging, flirtatious

C. Romantic, devoted, subservient

9. What do you want to be to your partner?

A. The one they look out for

B. Desirable and unforgettable

C. The love of their life

10. Where do you go with your partner?

A. Wherever they suggest

B. Wherever I want

C. Their favorite place

11. How much do you want to tell about yourself?

A. I’d like to know them more and wait for the right time to drop certain details about myself

B. Boast

C. Answer completely truthfully when asked

12. Pick a color!

A. Purple

B. Orange

C. Black

13. Which of the following types of people would you choose to seduce?

A. Someone who makes you feel like you're on top of the world

B. Someone who is concerned with their partner's comfort

C. Someone who presents themselves in a dramatic manner

14. What is the best way to initiate the seduction?

A. Tell them directly how strongly you feel towards them

B. Be a helpful, cosy friend

C. Show your charm and glamor

15. What is the most effective way to seduce with words?

A. Of course, telling the truth

B. Simple, avoid being sentimental and try to say things that are humorous and lighthearted

C. Nobody gets tired of hearing romantic phrases

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