Are You A Sexpert quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 64
Are You A Sexpert quiz
Sexpert is a term used in urban culture to describe people who either know a lot about sex, are good in bed or have studied physical intimacy. Sex is one of the most powerful expressions of love and brings a lot of people together. If you are with a sexpert or just generally good in bed, then all the good hormones would be released in your system.Any bad sexual experience could scar you for life. So it is wise to choose a mate who cares about you in bed as well. And if you are that person who enjoys sex and is skilled at it, then there is no harm in having multiple partners, as long as everyone is safe. To find out are you a sexpert, take this quiz and get to know yourself more.

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you ever studied or researched topics such as human psychology, intimacy issues, and so on?

A.  Yes, I have done my share of research/study

B. Yes, but not extensively

C. Not yet

2. Have you ever been told by someone that you are really good in bed?

A. Yes, many times by many people t

B. Yes, I have been complemented

C. Not really 

3. Have you ever cheated on your partner and told them about it?

A. No, I have not

B.  Yes, but then I stopped telling them

C. We have an open relationship 

4. Do you have any obsession with BDSM and have you ever forced anyone to get kinky with you without you?

A. No, I would never do that

B.  Yes, but I do not do it anymore

C. I have my own kinks

5. Do you think you have become quite picky in choosing a partner?  

A. Yes, I have

B. Yes, but I am quite flexible as well

C. No, not really

6. Do you make sure that you are clean and smell nice when meeting someone special?

A. Yes, always

B. Yes, but I forget sometimes

C. Sometimes 

7. Have you ever been turned off by doing something to your partner they felt uncomfortable doing and put your pants back on and walked out?  

A. No, I would never walk out 

B. Yes, I have

C. I can not do that to someone

8. Do you enjoy having sex or do you just do it to make your partner happy?

A. Yes, sometimes I just do it to please others

B. No, I enjoy being intimate

C. Sometimes

9. Are you in a monogamous relationship and have to keep a lot of self-control to not cheat on your partner?

A. Yes, and I am really hard

B. Yes, and I am fed up

C.  No, I am not in a monogamous relationship

10. Do you like learning new things in bed?

A. Yes, I do

B. Yes, and I am getting good at it

C. I think I know enough

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