10 Things a Couple Can Do To Strengthen A Marriage

Things a Couple Can Do To Strengthen A Marriage

With the current divorce rate between 40-50%, many of couples are in search of ways to strengthening their marriage. With this fact in mind and in hopes of decreasing this rate, we offer the following 10 suggestions below for strengthening a marriage.

1. Rid off the relationships in your life that are “toxic” – A toxic relationship is one that demands more than it gives. These types of relationships can be with family members, friends and/or others we deal with on a regular basis. Do what it takes to end relationships that are no longer beneficial to you or your marriage with your spouse.

2. Work together as a team instead of competing with one another – Life is a rat race and none of us are going to get out alive, therefore, it is best to face life’s challenges as a team instead of competing to see who can handle difficult situations better or more often.

3. Encourage and uplift your spouse regularly – To have a strong marriage, it is first necessary for your spouse to feel good about themselves. The old saying goes; “One cannot love another without first loving thyself.” Be sure to remind your spouse how important they are to you and tell him, or her, how they make your life easier and happier.

4. Perform kind gestures for your spouse – We all loved to be pampered and/or spoiled by our loved ones and one of the best ways to show someone you care is to do something thoughtful. Consider picking up your spouse’s favorite movie, snack and a bunch of flowers – just because it would matter to them and make you happy too.

5. Spend as much time together as preferred but remember to enjoy time alone – As human beings, spending time alone is a necessity for achieving peace and clarity. Spend plenty of time with your spouse but don’t forget to take time out for yourself as well.

6. Adopt a pet – Pets are known for bringing happiness to a home and can even strengthen a marriage. Consider adopting a cat or dog from your local shelter. This will provide a fun opportunity for picking out a name for your new pet and taking him, or her, out to play.

7. Plan a date night either once a week or month – A date night can be as simple as having dinner at a local diner, a picnic or going on a short walk at your favorite place during the weekend. Not only will this help to sweeten your marriage but also solidify your friendship as partners. Eventually, it will become an activity that you both look forward to.

8. Make plans that suit both spouses in the relationship – Oftentimes in a marriage, spouses tend to enjoy different activities from one another. The husband may prefer a round of golf while the wife enjoys the day at the salon. Try finding out what your partner enjoys and try participating in the same – your partner will appreciate the gesture and do the same for you next time.

9. “Spice things up in the bedroom” – A “happy sex life” is ultimately an underlying key for the success of any marriage. Both partners must be fully satisfied in the bedroom and it is great to try new things or “spice things up.” Consider visiting a local adult store or perhaps shopping online (for those who are more shy) for new lingerie and/or a sexual game to play with your spouse.

10. Have meaningful and open conversations with your spouse – Build upon your communication skills by allotting a set time for open discussions. During this time, nothing is off limits and both spouses agree to only use words that kind and never insulting; neither person can get mad, angry or upset. If this were to occur, the conversation should be closed and revisited during the next set time.

Try these tips and work your best to really nourish and nurture your marriage and forge a bond with your partner  that can not break easily.

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