Communication Advice for Long Distance Relationships


Communication is very important in a relationship. However, when your significant other resides in another country or state, communication is even more critical to ensure the survival of the relationship. A long distance relationship takes dedication and for the communication to work, each person must be dedicated to it. That dedication includes a commitment to always communicate and an initiative to find creative ways to keep the lines of communication open. With advancing technology, communicating millions of miles away is not only possible, but can be as meaningful as when the couple lives together or nearby.


Video Chat Communication

There are a number of software applications that can be used for video chat communication. For video chatting, each partner will just need the Internet and a device that can connect to the Internet. Some video chat will have an app that can be downloaded to a smart phone and this will allow each partner to have immediate access to the software. Video chat allows you the opportunity to not only have verbal communication, but also each partner will be able to see each other. Seeing each other on video can reduce miscommunication and feelings of distance. With video chat, a couple is able to share daily life experiences and is inexpensive.


Audio messages

In a long distance relationship, your partner is not there to readily share in your experiences; using audio messages can improve communication. Texts can be impersonal and there is no doubt that your significant other would prefer to hear your voice than to just see words on a screen. Audio messages can be used to facilitate communication when telephone or video chat is not possible. Take the opportunity to leave a good morning message or mid-noon “I love you”. You can record your messages and send same via text or with other texting applications.


Screen sharing technology

Distance can increase tension in a relationship. Part of improving the communication is spending time together. But how is that possible in a long distance relationship? Screen sharing technology allows you to share with your partner what you see on your screen. This can allow a couple who are thousands of miles away watch the same movie or television program at the same time. This time together will significantly improve communication and allow the couple to share in an activity that can also improve intimacy.


Long distance in a relationship may be as a result of various reasons. However, how a couple manages that distance can foster the relationship. Effective communication will be the foundation on which a long distance relationship will flourish.