How can Couples Learn the Exquisite Skill of Communication?

How Couples can Learn the Exquisite Skill of Communication

Communication skills play a significant role in all relationships and marriages are no different. Communication is how two people connect. It is how couples stay close, interact and express feelings and emotions. This is why a lack of communication can be so detrimental. Fortunately, developing effective communication skills for couples is very easy which is why everyone should take the initiative to improve theirs.


Below are a few helpful couple communication tips.


Stop and listen

Improving communication skills in marriage has a lot to do with listening. Listening is a communication skill everyone should master. During a conversation it is so easy to get wrapped up in what you have to say. When that happens, many fail to process what their spouse is saying which can create a disconnect over time.


Be honest

Honesty is another one on the list of communication skills for relationship success. Marriage requires opening up your heart and life to another person and following through on that requires honesty. In order to improve communication both partners have to be honest about their emotions, thoughts and feelings. Of course, this means displaying some vulnerability but it also allows a marriage to reach its full potential.


Develop non-verbal skills

Effective communication skills also includes non-verbal communication. Bodies have a language of their own and being able to read non-verbal signals boosts couples communication skills and strengthens relationships. It allows partners to know what each other is saying without uttering a word. For example, folded arms indicate defensiveness, steady eye contact shows interest while a neutral body stance pointing in your direction is welcoming and displays receptiveness.


Be playful

It is important to be playful and humorous in a relationship. Lightening up a conversation makes even serious discussions more comfortable. An indicator of a successful marriage is being able to share a few laughs when needed. Taking things too seriously often creates tension between spouses. And no one likes tension. Tough discussions and conflicting viewpoints are part of married life but a little playful humor puts things in perspective and eases frustrations.