Female Infidelity Signs: 8 Ways To Know Whether She’s Cheating

Female Infidelity Signs

You don’t mean to be jealous, but is there something going on behind your back with your wife or girlfriend? If something in your gut says your relationship feels off, you should start keeping your eyes open for female infidelity signs so that you can decide what your next step should be.

When something isn’t going right in your relationship, sometimes you just know it even if you don’t have solid proof. So, how can you bring it up to your girlfriend without seeming like you’re just being jealous? Female infidelity signs are easier to spot than you think. Here are 8 ways to know whether or not she’s cheating.

1. She doesn’t do the little things anymore

The little things may actually be the healthiest part of any relationship. Maintaining the little things, such as making one another coffee in the morning, kissing goodbye before work, giving compliments, and showing appreciation are key to a long-lasting, happy relationship. Holding hands and telling your partner how much you value them on a regular basis makes both parties feel loved, needed, and never taken for granted.

It is a definite sign of trouble when your wife or girlfriend has stopped doing the little things she used to do. Even if she’s not cheating yet, it is a red flag that she is unhappy in the relationship.

2. She’s changed her appearance

When starting something new with a crush, a woman likes to look her best. This means dressing up; hair, makeup, the works. She wants her crush to think she’s beautiful. But, just as you probably took her out every date during the puppy-love phase of your relationship, over the course of a long-term relationship her desire to impress with her appearance may have faded. Where she once wore heels and tights, now she’s more comfortable curling up with you on the couch in her PJs. This is a natural transition with long-term relationships.

When your wife starts paying close attention to her appearance it may get your attention. If your girlfriend or wife is having an affair she may start dressing up more often, going to the gym, and paying more than the usual attention to how she looks she may be trying to impress somebody else.

3. Increased request for privacy

One of the more obvious female infidelity signs is an increased need for privacy. Is she being more secretive with her technology? People take their phones everywhere with them. It’s great for staying in contact with friends, a partner, and work. However, it can also be the best aid she’ll ever have for cheating. She can easily add a new contact under a false name, or hide dating apps from sight.

Female infidelity signs include leaving the room when taking a phone call, being overly possessive of her phone, and frequently deleting history on her phone/laptop/tablet. If your partner is not open with her devices the way that she used to be, it may be because she is hiding something from you.

4. You spend less time together

Spending time together as a couple is what helps you form a bond. Whether you’re lounging around at home together, headed out for date night, or spending time with a group of mutual friends, spending time together is an assured expectation of fun. That being said, one sign she’s cheating is if you are spending significantly less time together than you used to out of the blue. At the very least, this is a sign she’s no longer interested in you and may be chasing after someone else. Unless she has undertaken a new job or is currently going through emotional distress, signs that she needs time “alone” is not a good sign for the fidelity in your relationship.

You spend less time together

5. She suddenly spends a lot of time at work

Staying late at the office is either a sign she’s extremely committed to her job or that she’s extremely committed to someone else. If staying late at work is out of the norm for her, you may take this as a sign there is a bigger problem in your relationship. Especially if her work seems to be taking her away for the weekends or “overnight” for work activities when it never did before.

6. She has new friends

Is your wife or girlfriend now spending an inordinate amount of time with new people? Making new friends is by no means a sign that your girlfriend is cheating, but her behavior about them does carry telltale signs. For example, is she spending time with new friends but doesn’t want to introduce you to them? Do these “new friends” take her out until all hours of the night in a way that is out of character? Has she frequently put off hanging out with you in order to spend time with new friends?

If you’ve been together for some time now you probably know your partner’s closest friends. If your girl has stopped spending time with her family, your family, or your mutual friends and is now itching to be a part of a new group she may be interested in someone else.

7. She’s always busy

It is never a good sign when your wife or girlfriend won’t seem to give you the time of day. Unlike cheating men, women who cheat typically aren’t interested in stringing along two partners. Instead, they will lose interest in the one and focus all their time and attention on the other. If your girlfriend is cheating, you may notice a sudden change in her schedule. If you find that you can no longer take her out without giving advanced notice this may be a sign she’s cheating.

8. She’s not interested in sex anymore

One of the main ways couples connect emotionally is by bonding through sex. When a woman orgasms during sex her brain releases a jolt of oxytocin, which lowers barriers of trust and creates a strong bond between the two of you. This attachment is essential for strong relationships. It also lowers stress which can make partners more peaceable with one another.

When it comes to female infidelity signs, not wanting to have sex is a big one. So, when your girlfriend starts showing a lack of interest or enthusiasm in your sex life there is a chance she may be creating a bond elsewhere.

There is something to be said for forgiveness in relationships, especially if you’ve built a life and a family together. But, you should never have to put up with infidelity, either. Do not needlessly waste your time with someone who doesn’t appreciate you or someone who takes your love for granted. May these female infidelity signs give you the answers you’re looking for.