Should I Forgive Him for Cheating Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 6259
Should I Forgive Him for Cheating Quiz
Let’s admit it, anyone can be tempted to cheat. Only the purest at heart or the determined ones can actually sustain their relationships without succumbing to temptations. And, although most women never recover from it, because, well, it can make someone feel like they are not worthy of the other person. But, what if the other person admitted that he was wrong? Would you forgive him? Take our quiz and Read more find out now. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How much do you love your partner?

A. Very much

B. Enough to still put up with him

C. Just a little bit

D. Not enough, unfortunately

2. How much could unfaithfulness damage your relationship?

A. Very much

B. A little bit

C. You don’t know

D. It won’t damage it at all

3. Did you both cheat on each other?

A. No

B. Never

C. It almost happened

D. Yes

4. Do you believe that people can be faithful all their lives?

A. Yes

B. Maybe

C. You don't know

D. No! It’s impossible

5. What do you think could lead your husband to cheat?

A. You being distant

B. You refusing to have sex

C. You having multiple partners

D. You don’t know

6. What could lead you to forgive an unfaithful partner?

A. Your love for them

B. Guilt

C. Lack of self-confidence and fear

D. Nothing

7. What do you think is the purpose of forgiving?

A. To give someone a second chance

B. To feel good about yourself

C. To feel safe

D. It has no purpose other than making you look weak

8. Do you think that people cheat because they don’t know better?

A. Yes

B. It’s possible

C. You don’t know

D. No

9. How long would it take you to forgive your partner?

A. Forever

B. A few days

C. A few hours

D. You don't know

10. Does cheating kill love?

A. Yes, of course, there’s no doubt about it

B. Maybe

C. You don't know

D. No

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