Help With Infidelity in Marriage

Betrayal in a Relationship Can Teach You 5 Important Lessons of Life

Hopefully, this never comes to pass but, there might be times where you feel betrayed in a relationship. There are …

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Make sure you keep an adequate amount of space between you and the person, socially

How Therapy Helps When You Are Married to a Serial Cheater

Infidelity in marriage comes in varying forms. No two situations are the same, though many are similar. Many couples come …

By Kristin Davin

Psychologist| 5  min read

Learning to better parent yourself

Treatment Plan For Infidelity – Your Guide to Recovery

It used to be that sexual infidelity, once discovered, had just one outcome:  the marriage ended. But recently experts have …

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Cheating on your partner is mostly a deal breaker

The Devastating Psychological Effects of a Cheating Spouse

When your spouse cheats, it can be one of the most incredibly difficult times of your life, especially if you …

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Four Signs That Therapy for Cheaters Is Not Working

Four Signs That Therapy for Cheaters Is Not Working

For any betrayed spouse, (who is hopeful that everything can be repaired in their marriage after cheating and life can …

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Should You Accept an Apology After Infidelity

Your Partner Cheated-Should You Accept an Apology After Infidelity?

Infidelity for many obvious reasons is looked down upon; it wrecks marriages. But most marriages break off because the spouse …

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tips for dealing with your wife’s affair

Dealing With Wife’s Affair – Coping Strategies

It’s one of the most brutal relationship discoveries you can make. Your wife is having an affair. Suddenly, your world …

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