The Eight Main Grounds for Divorce

The Eight Main Grounds for Divorce

There are some traits in a partner or circumstances which might force partners to seek a divorce. You can no longer cope with your partner and divorce is perhaps the best option. A divorce must have the consent of both parties. In ancient times, divorce rate was minimal compared to the digital generation. Marriage is not a bed of roses but it is beautiful when you have the right partner. What are the grounds for divorce?

1. Lack of respect and love

Marriage is fun when there is love and mutual respect among married couples. In fact, during a conflict, solve the differences in love. At one point in the marriage life, love diminishes due to financial commitments, the birth of children and work-related reasons. Marriage partners must keep the love life alive. What happens when there is no love and respect in equal measure? You have no reason to still stay together. The public embarrassment is a clear indication of lack of love and respect in a marriage relationship.

2. Lack of commitment from both the partners

Yes, you have your challenges which every married couple experiences in their relationship. What makes you still stay together as husband and wife is the will of your partner to work towards your stay together. When all effort just comes from you then it is high time to file a divorce to avoid more heartache. Some of the signs of a partner’s commitment include:

  • There is a change of some of the preset rules you feel your spouse violates
  • Sign of resentment and remorsefulness.
  • Going an extra mile to rekindle the love.
  • Sign of love and respect.

3. Religious affiliations

Muslims accept polygamy of up to three wives while Christians advocate for monogamy. While dating, a Muslim person and goes ahead to marry a Christian, with time, the pressure from your family to add another wife in the family is unbearable. A partner from a Christian home will automatically seek a divorce. Other religious beliefs include no use of contraceptives which seem to be a good family planning tool. Mixed religious beliefs may eventually build frustration upto a level that divorce is inevitable.

4. Infidelity

Unfaithfulness in marriage builds betrayal and mistrust from the aggravated party. It also develops to resentment in some cases.  Is there really a genuine reason for infidelity? Of course not, unless there is consent from all parties. The law of the land allows divorce on grounds of infidelity.

5. Incompatibility

Courtship of at least six months prior to marriage helps to detect incompatibility among couples.  As an individual, there are character traits you can accommodate or rather cope with but others may cause constant fights. Incompatibility also comes with the level of reasoning of different schools of thought of which neither of the parties is ready to compromise for mutual understanding. In the court of law, when you build your case with this proof then the judge grants you the divorce.

6. Cultural background

The current era where the world is a global village especially with the advent of social media; you are bound to interact with people from all races. You never dictate where love brews. Despite the love, contradicting cultural beliefs is inevitable of course, there are successful marriages, but when you have a one-on-one talk with such couples they admit a lot of sacrifices and compromises took center stage to salvage the marriage.

When no partner is willing to accommodate each other’s beliefs in addition to pressure from the extended family which has a great influence in the marriage; the marriage is bound to fail leading to divorce.

7. Insanity

It is fruitful to stay with a partner with a stable mental health. Some health complications are mild but manifest in uncontrolled levels with time. It may lead to a partner becoming abusive or unreasonable to an extent that he has to permanently stay in a hospice to put the situation in control. A country which does not allow polygamy, you can file a divorce on such a ground and be granted the divorce without fail.

8. Domestic violence/ Abusive relationship

If you cannot solve your problems without becoming violent with one another then you have no reason to be together. Why wait for a jail term when a simple physical assault can lead to death. What business do you have with a partner who turns you to be his “punching bag?”

Before you make that tough decision to file for a divorce, try to involve the counselor, close family, and friends who believe in your ideologies. Try a healthy separation just to be sure of the decision you are about to make before a court of law.

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