An Unbridged Gap: Benefits of Long Distance Love

Benefits of long distance love

Long distance love is often seen in a negative light when it actually has its benefits. When you think about the way we socialize, how often we like to socialize with the same people and the way we react when someone like a house guest overstays his or her welcome, it isn’t difficult to understand. We love the people in our lives but that love doesn’t mean we want them around all the time. With long distance love, you have that needed space. Those in a long distance relationship can be extremely attracted to their partner, completely in love, able to connect on an intellectual level and enjoy passion that is through the roof with thousands of miles between them.

The scientific proof

According to a study done by a research team led by Queen’s University psychologist Emma Dargie, unmarried individuals in long-distance relationships (LDRs) do not experience a lower relationship quality than those not in a long distance relationship. The study involving 474 females and 243 males in long distance relationships as well as 314 females and 111 males who lived close to their partner discovered that both do equally well. Even more interestingly, the long distance couples that lived further from each other were doing better in terms of communication, intimacy, and overall satisfaction. If that isn’t proof enough, a study published in the Journal of Communication in June of 2013 found that despite popular belief, long distance love can be more satisfying. Quality time does hold more value than quantity.

Five benefits of long distance love

1. Improved communication

Communication is the number one issue in relationships but this is less of an issue with long distance ones. The reason is largely due to both parties making the effort to keep in touch with one another since this is their main source of bonding while away. Whether contact is made via voice call, text, email or Skype, both partners are more inclined to communicate more effectively because,
1. The geographic distance,


2. Those in long distance relationships have fewer daily interactions with their special someone, and


3. They want to lay their lives out on the table to keep their partner updated and maintain a healthy, open, and honest relationship.


Along with improved communication, interactions are more meaningful. Couples in long distance relationships tend to have more meaningful conversations which contribute to maintaining a strong bond. Better yet, they learn how to express themselves and listen. Those in a LDR use communication to share their feelings for each other on a deeper level since there is a geographic gap and gain a heightened understanding of one another as a result.

2. Increased passion and desire

Passion and desire stay alive when couples are not able to have physical contact whenever they please.  A long distance relationship promotes more make out sessions because partners crave the chance to physically connect and that leads to unforgettable evenings of intimacy. This is largely due to the yearning and anticipation that builds while away from each other. This anticipation explodes once two people reunite which is fulfilling, super satisfying, and just plain hot. It is hard for sparks to fizzle when two people do not spend that much time together. The lack of time maintains the newness everyone is enthralled with at the very start of a relationship.

3. Less stress

A little-known benefit of long distance love is less stress. There is a direct link between relationship satisfaction and stress. Researchers at Pomona College explored this link by taking a closer look at, “relational savoring” or using memories to maintain a strong emotional connection when there is a lack of face to face contact. Researchers put subjects through a series of stress tests in a controlled environment to see if relational savoring was a more effective form of stress relief and guess what? It was. Distance encourages couples to focus on the positive and positivity impacts a relationship in the best way possible while contributing to the happiness of both persons involved.

4. More ‘you’ time

Another plus of long distance love is having more time to yourself. Not having a significant other around all the time has its perks. Due to the additional free time, individuals have more hours to put into their appearance, physical fitness, and activities they prefer to do alone. Everyone has to be a bit selfish sometimes and in LDRs there is no reason to feel bad about it. Alone time greatly contributes to a person’s well-being and overall spirit. That contribution will ultimately improve all relationships, both romantic and not.

5. Deeper commitment

Committing to a long distance partner does require a deeper commitment in a sense. Individuals are faced with temptations, lonely nights and those times when both wish their partner was there so an experience can be shared. There are drawbacks of a long distance relationship. Although initially viewed as drawbacks, they are also the reasons long distance relationships are so special. Overcoming the obstacles associated with this type of relationship is a beautiful display of how committed two people are to each other. That determination to make things work is very romantic and is something we can all take away from. Relationships both near and far require effort on both ends.

How those not in a long distance relationship can benefit

Those not in a long distance relationship can benefit from the above by maintaining their individuality. People in relationships must find a happy medium between being in a relationship and making time for themselves. Spend a few days apart, go on a trip with friends or just set aside a few nights a week to stay at home alone and curl up with a good book. Being alone just as much as you are with your significant other is very healthy and will make love last for the long haul. Everyone must live their own life. Appreciation among partners is even more important than actual distance. Focusing on the good in a relationship and truly appreciating every moment together keeps the partnership going strong.