Quiz For The Ladies: Who Will Marry You?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1351 | Updated: Aug 24, 2022
Quiz for the Ladies: Who Will Marry You?

They say you enter into relationships that you think you deserve, even the bad ones. People who are in happy relationships may have chosen the right partner because they know they deserve one. Those who have an unfaithful, careless, or abusive partner may be in this situation because of their low self-esteem. 

What happens is that when you allow yourself to be happy and make the right choices in life, this is exactly what will happen, you’ll find the right person for you. Unfortunately, those who are caught in a negative pattern will often make the exact actions that confirm their life is and should be miserable. 

So, who will marry you? Take this quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. You are single and looking for a partner. Where do you start your search?

A. Anywhere, I believe in love at first sight

B. In a club

C. At the theater or at a classical music concert

D. A dating app

2. What defect could you accept in a man?

A. Clumsiness

B. Lack of punctuality

C. Conformism

D. Arrogance

3. What should be the vehicle of the man of your dreams?

A. A white horse

B. A brand-new car

C. A very safe car

D. A motorcycle

4. Which of the following aspects is more important to you when it comes to men?

A. Kindness

B. Humor

C. Financial stability

D. Charm

5. What occupation should the ideal man have?

A. Pilot or something daring

B. DJ or anything that has to do with parties

C. Executive - something stable and profitable

D. Salesperson and a talented one

6. What would your partner prefer doing in his free time?

A. Helping stray animals

B. Organizing great parties

C. Golf

D. Flirting

7. What was your most unusual relationship?

A. A foreign guy who was doing humanitarian work

B. A one-night stand with a stranger

C. A guy 20 years my senior

D. A man who had multiple girlfriends at the same time, including me

8. What kind of man would you never marry?

A. Someone who doesn't have a good heart

B. Someone who is not funny at all

C. Someone who is inexperienced and immature

D. Someone who is not successful with women

9. Your partner has cheated on you. What do you do?

A. This is impossible

B. I break up with him

C. I immediately find someone better

D. I get over it - men are like this

10. What kind of clothes should you ideal partner wear?

A. Casual, elegant if necessary

B. Extremely fashionable

C. A classic, sober style

D. Quirky, extravagant

11. What kind of music would your ideal partner listen to?

A. Love ballads

B. Club music

C. Classics or soulful music

D. Pop music

12. What kind of books would your ideal partner read?

A. Romance novels

B. He would only social media posts

C. All the classics

D. He would not be someone who reads books

13. What kind of hobbies would your ideal partner enjoy?

A. Horse riding, archery or chess

B. Dancing, singing or partying

C. Fishing, wine tasting or golf

D. Traveling, gymming or flirting

14. What would you prefer doing on your first date?

A. A candle-lit dinner

B. Have a good time at a club

C. Have a good conversation while walking on the beach

D. A setting in which drinks are readily available

15. What style of communication would your ideal man utilised?

A. Ernest and delicate conversations

B. Unspoken understanding

C. Mature and honest conversations

D. Flirtatious and light interactions

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