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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 206
 Is Your Girlfriend a Marriage Material Quiz?
At the beginning of every relationship, one might think things will go smoothly and mushy. But as the relationship goes on, you realize it takes a determined couple to run a good relationship because no marriage is perfect but striving for perfection is an excellent way to begin the journey with her. How do you know if the one you love is fit for marriage? Do you feel you can finally take your girlfriend to the next level?

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel you can work things out with her?

A. Only if she is ready to make things work

B. Yes I can

C. She doesn’t try to make things work

2. Does she takes care of household duties when she’s around?

A. No, she’s always too tired

B. Sometimes, when I plead with her to help me out

C. She is always up to task

3. Do you always anticipate her meals?

A. yes, she knows that the way to my heart is through my stomach

B. Never

C. Well, some meals

4. Is your girlfriend financially independent?

A. Yes, she doesn’t need anyone for financial stability

B. No, she doesn’t even have a source of income

C. Sometimes, she strives to build herself but not all the time

5. Is she ready to build and grow a family with you?

A. That’s all she thinks about

B. Sometimes she feels she's ready, but sometimes she's not

C. We usually  don’t  have that discussion

6. Is she sexually compatible?

A. We don’t share the same level of sexual desire

B. Sometimes, when she’s in a good mood

C. Yes,she gives me exactly what I need

7. Does she make you a better man?

A. She pushes and inspires me towards my goals

B. Not at all

C. She tries to but it’s not working

8. Do you share common values?

A. Yes we do, we find ourselves very compatible

B. On occasion but not to a great extent

C. Not at all

9. Is your girlfriend submissive?

A. She rarely argues

B. Yes, she's always ready to follow orders without nagging

C. She argues a lot, she acts like she wants to dominate the relationship

10. Do you see her as perfect marriage material for you?

A. All the time

B. Sometimes

C. Never

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