What Biblical Pre-Marriage Counseling Entails

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Couples interested in biblical pre-marriage counseling are often curious about what it entails. They want to know about the process in order to decide whether or not it will benefit the relationship. Intertwining faith with counseling does a lot of good by using the bible’s teachings to both evaluate a relationship and prepare both parties for the commitment ahead. Through a series of sessions the counselor (an experienced pastor) asks a number of questions, begins important discussions and uses the bible as a guide to cover essential topics including the basics of marriage, how to be a spouse and preparation for marriage. At the end of the counseling, couples are given the opportunity to address any unanswered questions and review previous sessions.


Let’s go over these topics in depth.


The Basics
Biblical pre-marriage counseling begins by evaluating the engaged couple in order to tailor counseling to their specific needs. Once needs are evaluated, the couple and pastor will go over the basics of marriage. The topic of love will be discussed as well as how both parties define love, sex and the permanency of marriage. Much emphasis is also put on trust, maintaining trust, respect, understanding and of course, the role faith plays in guiding and supporting a marriage over the years.


Teaches You How to Be a Spouse

Those planning to walk down the aisle often want to know how to be a good spouse. First both halves will share what being a godly spouse means to them while the other listens. Once that takes place, the pastor counsels both on the topic with the help of corresponding verses from the bible.


Marriage Preparation

Marriage preparation presents the opportunity for couples to come together and address future and pre-existing plans pertaining to anything from finances to methods that will be used to address and overcome future problems and conflicts. Depending on the instructions given by your pastor, you may be asked to prepare a financial plan with your partner that includes a budget along with other assignments that correlate with the meetings.