Gary Chapman Love Languages Quiz

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Gary Chapman Love Languages Quiz
We all express and receive love in different ways. Some of us need hugs to feel loved, some of us must hear it, or some love to be showered in gifts. Learning your love language can be very helpful. It allows you to communicate better with those in your life and enables you to understand them better. People who have different love languages can still get along and be in fruitful, long-term, loving Read more relationships, but knowing each other’s languages can help to ease communication and give you tools to love another and understand what you need. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. You are trying to make a major but stressful decision, what will help you?

A. I just need someone to listen to me with their full focus

B. Someone to tell me that I am smart and amazing and will be able to make the right decision

C. Someone to take over some of the other things like dishes and everyday tasks that are distracting me

D. Someone to sit there with me and hold my hand while I talk through it

E. Someone to get me something that will inspire me

2. Your best friend is going through a tough time, what do you do to cheer them up?

A. I buy them a little knick-knack, it may not be much but it’s exactly perfect for them. 

B. I make a list telling them why they are great and read it out to them.

C. I go over to their place and hang out, we watch a movie, drink some wine, just chill

D. I go grab some things they need from the grocery store and see if they need me to do anything for them. I wanna make sure they are taking care of their everyday needs

E. I go over and hug them and let them cry on my shoulder as long as they need

3. Your partner comes home after a long trip, what are you most excited for?

A. To hug, kiss, and get physical with them.

B. Just spending some time with them doing whatever.

C. The gifts they always bring back for me from their travels! 

D. Telling them how much I love and appreciate them and missed them while they were away.

E. Them to see how I organized their closet the way they always said they would.

4. You want to show your best friend how much you appreciate them, what do you do to show it?

A. I write them a list of all the things I love about them

B. I find the perfect gift for them, something that they have always wanted even if they did not know it.

C. I give them the best hug imaginable

D. I invite them over to watch their favorite movies and eat popcorn

E. I do a bunch of their least favorite chores so they don’t have to

5. You are coming up with a surprise gift for your partner, what is it?

A. Tickets to a show we can go see together.

B. I put up post-its all over the house of things I love about them

C. I get them something they’ve always wanted but have never felt they could spend the money to get

D. They’re always talking about how they want the living room to be organized differently, I get it done.

E. I plan a very sensual night, candles, massage oil and we make love to our heart’s desire.

6. You are feeling down, what will make you feel better?

A. A long hug or maybe a massage

B. I just want someone to come over and listen to me and then just sit with them

C. My friends to tell me a bunch of things they love about me.

D. If they helped me finish this project I am working on that would be great!

E. A really thoughtful and surprising gift

7. It’s the holidays, what are you most excited for?

A. The perfect gifts I’ve bought for everyone

B. Spending time with my loved ones

C. Helping out with the cooking

D. Holding your loved ones close

E. Telling everyone how much I love them and how grateful I am for them

8. You really hate it when…

A. Someone is on their phone the entire time they are with you

B. A person you love dearly, and do so much for does not get you a gift for your birthday.

C. When your partner pushes you aside when you try to touch them

D. When someone tells you things that make you feel worthless

E. When you are clearly struggling with something and no one offers to help

9. You arrive at a party that is being thrown in your honor, what warms your heart most?

A. All of the people who you love are there to spend time with you

B. The heartfelt toasts people make to you

C. The very thoughtful gifts that show how well your friends know you

D. All the effort that was put in to making this happen without you having to do anything

E. The giant hug with all your best friends

10. The most romantic night imaginable involves

A. The most passionate beautiful kiss of your life

B. A proclamation of love

C. Flowers, jewels, chocolate, wine, maybe a castle, the works

D. Coming home to find all the chores you thought you had to do have been done, dinner is made and on the table and you don’t have to stress about anything because your partner took care of it all

E. Turning off all connection to the outside world, focusing entirely on each other

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