Do I Love Him or the Idea of Him Quiz?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 11758
 Do I Love Him or the Idea of Him Quiz?

Questions Excerpt

1. Would you be happy spending the rest of your life with him?

A. I would be happy as long as he was by my side.

B. I’m not sure if he’s the right one to spend forever with.

C. I do not see him being my lifelong partner.

2. Does he accept you for who you are or do you find yourself changing to meet his standards?

A. Being with him has made me doubt myself and my abilities.

B. He loves and accepts me for who I am.

C. I have changed a few things about myself for him and I don’t want to live like that any longer.

3. Would you rather be in a dead-end relationship or be alone and single?

A. I am scared of ending up alone and unhappy.

B. I don’t need a man to feel whole, I would rather be alone than unhappy.

C. I would try my best to keep making changes to make things work.

4. What do you like the most about him?

A. Everything

B. He is smart and cute

C. He is popular yet cares for me

5. Do you think about him a lot when you are alone?

A. Yes!

B. Sort of

C. I don’t know

6. Is he worth the effort and time?

A. Absolutely

B. I think so

C. I am not sure

7. Have you ever wondered about getting into a relationship and then breaking up?

A. Never, I only dream about lovey dovey times

B. Sometimes

C. I am not sure I want to think about it

8. Do you think you are in love with him?

A. Yes

B. Often

C. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t

9. Are you excited by your sex life with him?

A. I don’t really enjoy sex with him anymore; it seems more like a chore than anything else.

B. Our sex life is always exciting and enjoyable.

C. I’m rather indifferent about sex with him at this point.

10. Do you ever fantasize about being romantically involved with another person instead of him?

A. I constantly daydream about dating other people.

B. I am happy with my man and don’t envision myself with anyone else.

C. There are times when I feel like I deserve better but I always end up staying.

11. Does he treat you the way you deserve to be treated?

A. He could treat me a lot better but I’m afraid I won’t be able to find anyone else.

B. He treats me with respect and compassion.

C. Sometimes he treats me well enough, other times he doesn’t.

12. What do the people closest to you think of your relationship?

A. They think that we’re a great couple.

B. They think that I could do a lot better and they don’t understand why I’m still with him.

C. They are rather indifferent because they know I won’t take their advice.

13. Can you name three core qualities about him that you love most?

A. I can easily name a bunch of qualities that I love about him.

B. I guess I could name a few but I have to really think about it.

C. I can’t name anything that I genuinely love about him.

14. What words best describe how he makes you feel?

A. Disappointed and let down.

B. Happy and at ease.

C. Annoyed and impatient.

15. What sparked your initial interest in him?

A. He gave me attention when nobody else would.

B. He makes me smile and gives me butterflies.

C. He’s attractive but there’s not much beyond that.

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