Does He Love Me?

20 Questions | Total Attempts: 148
Does He Love Me?
The early stages of romance, no matter how exciting, can be a little confusing. You are still trying to figure each other out and understand the relationship dynamics.  You might have surpassed the friendship stage, but have you made it to the love bandwagon yet? So, you are hit by the love bug and not quite sure if your partner feels the same way about you. Fret not. Does He Love Me Quiz will put all Read more concerning notions to rest. See how he feels about you by taking the “Does He Love Me” Quiz. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you wonder if he loves you or not?

A. All the time

B. Only when we fight

C. Sometimes

2. How often does he make eye contact with you?

A. Rarely

B. Very often

C. Never

3. How comfortable and at ease do you feel in his company?

A. As comfortable as I can be

B. Uncomfortable

C. I have to be at my best behavior all the time

4. Does he discuss his past and personal details with you?

A. Usually, he does, but of late, he has been distant

B. Yes, he shares all his personal experiences with me

C. Nothing personal as such. He mostly talks about superficial things

5. How many times has he said I love you to you?

A. Once

B. I can’t keep a count

C. He hasn’t said the words yet

6. Does he treat you differently than other people?

A. Yes, he keeps me on a pedestal and treats me with utmost love, care, and attention

B. He is flirtatious with all women. It’s not just me

C. Yes, but lately, he has been taking me for granted

7. Does he ever talk about the future with you?

A. Yes, quite often

B. Never

C. Yes, sometimes

8. Does he make you feel special by taking you for dinner, giving gifts, etc.?

A. He usually does but not as much lately

B. Yes, he is always considerate

C. I am the one who does everything to make him feel special. He doesn’t bother

9. Has he introduced you to his friends?

A. No

B. Yup, I know all of them

C. Only some of them

10. Does he text you randomly?

A. Sometimes

B. Not really

C. All the time

11. Does he smile around you a lot?

A. Sometimes

B. All the time

C. Never

12. How often does he text you during the day?

A. Never

B. Very often

C. Often

13. What does your gut feeling say?

A. He doesn’t love you

B. He loves you

C. He likes you as a friend

14. It is clear that he makes you a priority instead of an option.

A. Disagree

B. Strongly agree

C. Agree

15. How often does he communicate with you?

A. Very often

B. Often

C. Never

16. Has he introduced you to his family?

A. Maybe one or two

B. Yes

C. No

17. How often does he show affection towards you?

A. Never

B. Very often

C. Often

18. Does he remember the things you mention to him?

A. He makes an effort to remember

B. Yes, even the minute details

C. He ignores what I say, let alone remember

19. He treats me with the utmost respect.

A. Strongly agree

B. Agree

C. Strongly disagree

20. How often does he tell you that he loves you?

A. Never

B. Very often

C. Often

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