Boyfriend Type Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 112
Boyfriend Type Quiz
You may be sitting here wondering what type of boyfriend you are. It’s important to know what you come off as and what you can do about it. There are four main types, and we’ll go over them here. So, take this quick quiz and find your type!

Questions Excerpt

1. When you see your girl talking to someone, do you step in?

A. Nah, she’s fine

B. Yeah, who's she talking to?

C. I don’t care; she’s paying the rent anyways

D. No I’m talking to someone else myself

2. When you go out do you flirt with the waitress?

A. Of course not!

B. No I’m worried that she will

C. No I’m just waiting for the meal she paid for

D. Yeah, I do that

3. Do you take the relationship seriously?

A. Yeah I want what's best for us

B. Yeah, to the point where I step in to protect them

C. Not really

D. Sometimes I do, but it’s hard not to flirt

4. Are you nice to your partner in public?

A. All the time

B. Yeah and I don’t want anyone stepping in

C. I’m usually just waiting to pay for something

D. Sometimes I catch myself flirting with others instead of them

5. Do you respect what they want?

A. I know what’s best for them

B. Yeah I know they’re going to do the right thing

C. Sometimes I don’t

D. I do if I get something out of it

6. What’s the purpose of your relationship?

A. To do what’s best for my partner; for us

B. To always make sure that they’re focused on me

C. To have my own benefits taken care of

D. To have someone to come back to, even if I do flirt

7. If your partner tells you to stop flirting with someone, do you?

A. Of course

B. I want them to stop flirting, too

C. Only if they pay for something or I get something out of it

D. It’s so hard

8. Do you struggle with resolving arguments?

A. Yeah, totally!

B. I usually let them get her way because I get something

C. No we figure it out

D. Yes, other than talking to attractive people. It’s so hard

9. Do you shower your partner with affection?

A. Yeah and I want them to pay attention to me

B. Yeah, sometimes too much

C. Not as much

D. I shower lot many people with affection

10. Do you answer texts back reasonably?

A. Well, they must do the same!

B. Yeah, I always make sure

C. Only if I’m getting something from it

D. Not as often as I should

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