Am I Happy With My Boyfriend Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 73
Am I Happy With My Boyfriend Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. What kind of a superhero are you?

A. He doesn’t really do anything

B. Yes

2. How many times do you feel that your partner does not deserve you?

A. Always

B. I feel like we deserve each other.

3. Are there times when you feel overwhelmed with how your boyfriend reacts?

A. Yes

B. I think that his reactions are understandable

4. Are you still happy with the sexual relationship that you have with your boyfriend?

A. There hasn’t been any sex for weeks./ I don’t find it enjoyable anymore

B. Yes

5. If you still have sex with your boyfriend, how long does the sex last?

A. Just a short period of time

B. A long time

6. Do you often feel ignored by your partner?

A. Yes

B. No, he gives me a lot of attention

7. When was the last time that you had a long and pleasant talk with your partner?

A. A long time ago

B. Just recently.

8. Do you sometimes feel like your partner is cheating on you?

A. Yes / I am not sure

B. No, I believe in his loyalty.

9. Does your boyfriend have a history of cheating?

A. Yes / Not sure

B. No

10. Do you think that your partner enjoys spending time with you?

A. No/ I am not sure anymore.

B. Yes

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