Will I Get A Future Boyfriend Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 149 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Will I Get a Future Boyfriend Quiz
Are you single? Are you wondering if you will be in a relationship if you will be happy too? You see other people in relationships, and you wonder when that will happen for you when you will find your happiness. Well, do not wonder anymore, just take our quiz “Will I get a future boyfriend?” and you will see when your Mr. Right will come knocking at your door.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you go to places where you could potentially meet your future boyfriend?

A. No, I am a homebody

B. I sometimes go out to the grocery store

C. Yes, I am constantly out trying to meet guys

D. On occasion, I will go out to places where I can meet guys

2. How do you flirt?

A. I am very confident

B. I get nervous

C. I prefer not to flirt

D. I avoid flirting, but I’ll do it if I’m really interested

3. Do you have a current crush that gives you butterflies?

A. Yes! Every time I see him, I get butterflies

B. No, I am not interested in anyone

C. I might have a romantic interest

D. I have a crush, but I don’t see them often

4. What does a perfect first date look like to you?

A. Quiet dinner, we hold hands at the end

B. Dinner and a movie, he walks me to my door

C. A nice walk outside, with our dogs

D. Just chill at his or my place

5. What type of relationship do you want?

A. Happily ever after!

B. Casual, nothing very serious yet

C. I want to control every aspect of the relationship

D. I want an open and honest relationship

6. What do you value most in a future boyfriend?

A. Attractiveness

B. Personality

C. Wealth

D. Trust

7. Do you enjoy being single?

A. Yes, I love it

B. No, I can’t wait to have a boyfriend

C. I like it sometimes, but I get lonely too

D. I like being single mostly, but sometimes I want a companion

8. How many relationships have you been in?

A. None

B. 1-4

C. 5-9

D. 10+

9. What nickname would you call your future boyfriend?

A. Player

B. Honey

C. Dear

D. Darling

10. Is it important that you and your future boyfriend like the same TV shows and movies?

A. Not at all. We can have our own taste

B. It would be helpful if we like some of the same shows

C. It would be helpful if we like some of the same shows

D. Yes, we need to watch exactly the same shows

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