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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 323 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Am I Too Dependent on My Boyfriend Quiz
Relationships demand that couples become responsible for each other. Love, care, attention and sometimes financial sacrifices are some of the responsibilities that need to be reciprocated. There is, however, a thin line between fulfilling your responsibilities and becoming too dependent. Are you stuck in this dilemma? Are you constantly asking, ‘Am I Too Dependent On My Boyfriend’? Take this quiz to find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. When you’re out on a date, who pays the bill?

A. My boyfriend declines when I offer to pay, so he pays it

B. I usually don’t have enough cash, so he always pays, unless I have some money

C. We split the bills most of the time

2. Who is responsible for your rent, if you pay any?

A. I am, but my boyfriend helps out

B. My boyfriend, always

C. I am 100% responsible

3. How often do you give your boyfriend gifts?

A. Sometimes, but he doesn’t always like the idea

B. Once in a while

C. We exchange gifts a lot

4. Is your boyfriend the first person you call when you have a problem?

A. Not necessarily. I only do that when I feel it’s in his capacity to solve it

B. My boyfriend is the only one I have, yes

C. No, I will try to solve it and tell him later

5. Who pays for your basic needs like the internet, electricity, your hair, etc.?

A. My boyfriend always offers to

B. My boyfriend helps me as I am not always self-sufficient

C. I do pay most of the time

6. Who do you turn to when you need some form of advice on work?

A. My friends that I believe can give the solution, including my boyfriend

B. My boyfriend my friends are not usually capable

C. My colleagues and friends

7. When anyone in your family needs help, who do you consult?

A. I tell my boyfriend and he offers to help but he’s not responsible for my family

B. There’s no one to turn to, so eventually, my boyfriend helps

C. I’m not responsible for that because they should solve their issues

8. Do you feel your boyfriend is stressed financially?

A. Not at all

B. Yes, but he doesn’t answer me when I ask

C. Sometimes, and we find solutions

9. How is your employment situation?

A. I’m gainfully employed

B. I’m in and out of jobs

C. Can’t complain; it’s just alright

10. Do you feel you’re a burden on your boyfriend?

A. Well, I do my stuff when I have to but he always offers

B. I really do and I’m sad about the situation

C. No, not at all

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