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  • 5 Tenets of Sexually Satisfying Relationships

    5 Tenets of Sexually Satisfying Relationships

    5 Tenets of Sexually Satisfying Relationships

    We all love sex, but we tend to put it on hold because of our busy routine and hectic schedules. However, this is not something healthy or advisable. Putting sex on the back burner is one of the first steps, which leads towards bitterness, and lack of passion in a relationship. Regardless of how long you have been together, a year, three years or ten years- sex should always be there because it keeps the love and relationship alive.

    The main aim of this article is to help you build a sexually satisfying relationship with your partner. In order to do that we have listed 5 tenets of sexually satisfying relationships. Let’s find them out!

    1. Sex is a priority

    Sex is a necessity. It is true everyone needs it, and there is no denying that, so make sure your partner is getting enough of it. Relationships are always so much better with sex! Make sure you are taking out time for it. It may sound weird to plan sex because the abruptness and spontaneity of it are what makes it fun but with the busy life, it is good to plan your sexual encounters rather than not having them at all. When your partner sees how much you want it and sees the effort, you are willing to put – it is definitely a turn on, so do it!

    2. Talk about it

    It is essential to talk about sex with your partner. This is what adds the fun element to your relationship. You should feel safe talking about all your sexual fantasies and to tell your partner what gives you pleasure. Talking about all this would infuse the missing passion and bring in so much heat to your sex life. If you want to strengthen your relationship, start talking about sex now!

    5 Tenets of Sexually Satisfying Relationships

    3. Bring in some laughter

    Laughing uncontrollably with your partner can be the best feeling in the world. It shows how stupid and silly you can be with each other and that tells how great of a bond you both share. Having some inside jokes along with some dirty talks is amazing for a relationship because it instigates the release of endorphins and a gives you a satisfying feeling of being happy with your partner.

    4. Feel every bit of it

    Sexually satisfied relationships are not the ones based on the very process of sexual intercourse, but they are a lot of other things too. For instance, you both should enjoy the suspense and expectancy of sex. Kissing each other, sharing some naughty pictures while the other one is at work all adds up to the expectancy of sex. It is essential to spice things up a bit because this will definitely heat up the sexual desires and urges between the two of you.

    Sexually satisfied relationships are not the ones based on the very process of sexual intercourse,

    5. Imperfection is beauty

    It is impossible to satisfy your partner every single time except if you are sex guru or superhero. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself, just be confident and let things go in the flow. Being too careful and cautious makes things artificial and boring so just be yourself. Mishaps are absolutely okay! however, it is the weird moan or the funny expression because it will only bring you closer. You can laugh about it later and make it an inside joke but at that very moment trying to loosen up a little and relax.

    Bring back the spark that your relationship

    These five tenets of a sexually satisfying relationship may seem like nothing and a sheer time of waste but trust us they are not. Every couple who aims to have a long, content, satisfying relationship should incorporate these tenets into their daily lives because they will totally change you and your partner! It will bring back the spark that your relationship was missing and bring you both closer than ever- both emotionally and physically. Take out time for each other, communicate about your sexual needs and you will see for yourself how the dynamics of your relationship take a turn. We hope this works for you. Good luck!

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