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  • The Best Books About Relationship and Marriage to Read Today

    The Best Books About Relationship and Marriage to Read Today

    The Best Books About Relationship and Marriage to Read Today

    Building a healthy and happy relationship requires work and compromise. Past relationship failures, bad habits, and poor judgment will often stand in the way of experiencing the true bliss that comes with genuine love. You may need to change your behavioral patterns and to do so, you’ll need a bit of assistance.

    Many writers, psychologists, and therapists write about love and healthy relationships. Some books are much better than others and the following list will acquaint you with some of the top reads for couples willing to work on their connection.

    The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

    This book by Gary D. Chapman develops an interesting concept – we speak different languages in love, which keeps us from understanding each other.

    There are several love languages identified through the book and examples are provided to illustrate each of the concepts. A journal and a questionnaire also rank among the useful tools that Dr. Chapman has envisioned for the purpose of increasing understanding and self-awareness.

    The Five Love Languages The Secret to Love that Lasts

    The Relationship Cure

    For a long time, The Relationship Cure by John Gottman has ranked among the most popular books about relationships. There’s a simple reason why – Gottman is a scientist who bases his conclusions on evidence. He studied the psychology of successful relationships to identify the components that contribute to such.

    Through his work, Gottman even claims that predicting the success of a relationship is possible. Relying on his own formula, he has done so multiple times.

    One of the biggest things that Gottman focuses on is healthy communication.  

    The book also features a five-step program that aims to improve all kinds of relationships – from those with your significant others to the connection you have to your kids.

    Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship

    Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship by Sarah Mirk is based on interviews that the author conducted with an array of people from all parts of the world. The topic, as you’ve probably guessed already, is successful relationships.

    Each chapter consists of an interview, as well as a list of relationship tips based on the experience of the interviewee.

    This is knowledge derived from the real world, which is why so many people have found Mirk’s guide to be incredibly beneficial.

    It’s also interesting to point out that the interviewees hold quite interesting views of relationships. From single individuals to those in open or polygamous relationships, everyone has their fair share of information to contribute.

    Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence

    Esther Perel is perceived as quite controversial by some but her relationship books focus on a number of arguments worth exploring.

    Mating in Captivity is probably Perel’s most prominent work. It explores marriage and relationship problems that stem from couples being together for long periods of time and eventually getting used to each other. The author tries to answer questions like why do people stop connecting romantically, why do they quit communicating in a few years.

    Through examples, Perel demonstrates what it takes to keep a relationship fresh even after the passage of a lot of time. While there are many people who completely disagree with her theories, going through the book is a good idea.

    It will shed some light on an alternative approach towards relationships that could open your eyes to new possibilities.

    Mating in Captivity Unlocking Erotic Intelligence

    Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

    This book by John Gray has turned into an absolute classic as far as relationships are concerned. Some see it as a cliché but the book does have a lot to offer.

    The book focuses predominantly on gender and the main differences between men and women. Building a successful relationship should focus on understanding and overcoming these differences. While this may sound like a severe generalization, the book does offer some interesting food for thought.

    This is a lovely book for couples to read together. It’s a good choice for beginners who may want to enhance their communication without necessarily having to overcome major issues.

    He’s Just Not That Into You

    The final choice in the selection is by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. It focuses on male signals and how these are being interpreted by women. While this may seem like a book that’s tailored predominantly to single women, men and people in a relationship could also benefit from the information.

    Knowing that a guy doesn’t like you too much will help you foster healthy relationships and get out of those that simply don’t have the potential to grow in the future. Men can also learn how to stop sending false signals that may mislead ladies.

    According to the authors, men are simple creatures.

    There is no such thing as a mixed message – a lesson that so many women will benefit from learning.

    He’s Just Not That Into You has quickly turned into another relationship classic that everyone interested in the topic should go through.

    Laura Buckler is a lifestyle writer and contributor at Essays.ScholarAdvisor who believes in the power of positive thinking to unlock your potential and achieve your life goals. Her driving force is personal motivation, follow her on Twitter to read all of her latest pieces.
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