How to Find and Receive Free Couples Therapy

Free Couples Therapy

A couple seeking therapy will often have very serious issues to deal with and it is always best to have a trained and professional person handling the process. However, the economic reality is that a lot of couples are not able to afford couples therapy. Therapy is often billed by the hour and depending on the gravity of the issues between the partners, those hours can pile up! Here are some suggestions to find free or almost-free couples therapy.


Do the work yourself

There are a number of self-help books and videos that will guide a couple on how to repair a martial issue. While this is not free, since you will need to purchase the book or the videos, it is a more cost effective way of doing therapy. This method will require the partners to be disciplined and willing to do the work that is required. Once purchased, these books or video can be used again and again throughout the marriage or relationship to deal with future issues.


Free therapy in your insurance plan

Owners of insurance plans tend to focus more on general medical care, dental and eye care. However, sometimes couples therapy is hidden within the medical services offered in an insurance plan. This service may be totally covered or allow for access to a limited amount of free therapy sessions. Take the opportunity to review your current plan; speak with your insurance representative or human resource manager.


Use a friend or family

While it is always best to seek the services of a trained professional for couples therapy, a friend or family member can be a great substitute when your financial resources are low. Use a friend or family member that has the capacity to remain neutral and who is good at conflict resolution. This is someone that both you and your spouse should agree on and someone who you can both trust with personal and intimate information. Sometimes, martial issues can best be resolved with an opportunity for each person to express how they feel with a third party there to mediate.


Google it

Try putting in an internet search “free couples therapy near me” or words similar to that. You might be surprised at the opportunities that may be available in your community or city. Often times medical clinics, training schools or a new practice may offer free couples therapy. Look out for similar opportunities in the newspaper.



Many churches offer free marriage therapy. There are times when this service is extended to the general community but often times it is restricted to members of that specific church. If you or your partner is a member of a church, this can present a great opportunity to get free therapy. Therapy that is managed by a pastor or church leader is often times pursued with the objective of keeping the couple together and working with them to repair and rebuild the relationship. Couples therapy in church is viewed as part of the church’s outreach and welfare; and so even though it is free can be very helpful.

There is no shame in wanting to find free or inexpensive routes of couples therapy. The shame lies in not seeking the outside help that may be needed to deal with the issues in the relationship.

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