5 Key Principles Of A Successful Relationship

5 Key Principles Of A Successful Relationship

Marriages or relationships are never easy because you have two people coming from relatively different backgrounds to work and walk together for the rest of their lives, so there are bound to be conflict of interests.

The truth is that, each partner was raised and brought up in a certain way as compared to the other, so they will never see or view things the same way.

A good way around this is to learn to compromise and understand each other and here are some principles that can help you with that:

1. You must let go of your past experiences

Both partners should make a conscious effort to forget about what they think they know to be right or wrong, for instance, a girl who goes up in an environment where her mom had to do everything because her dad was not capable of handling situations would have the impression that she should be the one to take charge of her home.

2. Be patient and understanding

Both partners must know that they have to grow together to get along easily, you should both see yourself in the learning phase, the first years of any relationship is usually the learning phase because you get to discover so many things you never knew about him or her. So the best way to handle this period is to be patient and more understanding with each other, listen to each others point of view with an open mind and always come to an agreement or compromise, never let it resolve to anger or battle of will or superiority.

3. Resolve your internal problems before getting into a relationship

Always get over any unresolved issues you have in your life before committing to another person. Truth is that, any unresolved issues you have about anything or anyone will hunt you in your relationship or marriage. You will soon discover that you will start taking out such unresolved issue on your partner by acting irrationally towards him or her.

4. Love yourself

You have to love yourself first before you love another, you cannot give what you do not have. For instance if someone asks you for money, you can only give him or her if you truly have, same goes for love or commitment in a relationship, the bible even points out, love your neighbor as thyself, so tell me, how can you love your neighbor if you do not love yourself.

5. Never go to bed angry

Never go to bed angry with your partner, make it an habit to always talk about the day’s event at night before bed, if there were issues that happened that hurt you, say it to your partner politely and calmly, he or she will always have an explanation and an apology. If it does come, just move on and let it go and thank him or her for understanding.

There are lots of principles still, but too much information most times leads to overburden, these 5 keys are enough to help you build a solid foundation for your relationship or marriage, be sure to take them to heart and work on them and you would be thankful.

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