Is It Worth Having Sex with a Stranger?

Is It Worth Having Sex with a Stranger

We all fantasize about casual sex. Some people have casual sex with strangers. Some do it for money, and some do it for fun.

Is it worth it? Yes.

Is it worth the risk? Read on to find out.

It’s human nature to see only the prize and not the effort. The same can be said when one is so focused on a specific goal that they don’t realize what they have left behind.

That may sound a bit deep, but having sex with a stranger casually is no different from smoking and drinking. It’s a vice that lets us feel good. We know we are sacrificing our health and bodies for it, but humans are the type that never learns until something serious happens.

So, is it worth having sex with a stranger? It depends on how much you value and respect yourself.

I’m sure everyone around here knows about STD’s, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and crazy people who pick up women, so they can butcher them and bury their body in the woods.

I’m sure none of those factors will stop anyone reading this from having great sex with people they are not committed to. So, there’s really no point in listing all those risk factors all over again.

Is it worth having sex with a stranger? 

1. Healthy stress reliever

This is obvious that If you care less about your future and just the present, then enjoy the moment. You only live once.

Living for the moment is a great stress reliever. Worrying about the future and things beyond our control will only add an unnecessary burden on our mind and give us wrinkles.

Besides, sex has a lot of health benefits. It doesn’t matter if our partner is a long time lover or a complete stranger. The benefits are the same. 

2. Variety with a touch of danger can be spicy and fun-filling

A little danger can spice up the fun.

Is it worth having lots of sex for the health benefits? Yes, definitely.

Even doing it with multiple partners? Yes, Variety is the spice of life.

Is it worth the risk? Only if love Russian Roulette.

Speaking of Russian Roulette, gambling is also another vice that people get hooked on to. The thing with gambling is that it strikes deep to some of very basic instincts. Humans can’t resist the natural high of winning. We also are too competitive to quit.  So we keep playing. 

3. Give in to our animal instinct

Give in to our animal instinct

Sex is also a natural part of our animal instincts.

We give in to it because our body craves for it. Our bodies want to have sex the same way we crave for food, the same way we feel thirsty for water, and gasp for air.

So is it worth having sex to satisfy our desire? The answer is ‘Yes’.

Is it worth doing it as often as we want? Again the answer is ‘Yes’.

With anyone we want? The answer depends on your standards and moral values – if they are that low, then by all means. We are not the judge of you. We may not judge, but there are people in this world who take it upon themselves to spend their valuable time and energy to judge others. Strangers included.

Are there emotional bonds that form from having sex with a stranger casually? The answer varies from ‘No’ to ‘Sometimes’.

Does having sex with strangers have any socio-political implications? Only if there’s money involved.

Then again if you ask is it ethical or not, then the obvious response will be ‘it’s a free country’.

Is it worth it? The response depends only if you can handle the holier-than-thou self-proclaimed ethics advocates that love to gossip. 

4. Exploring the unknown is fun

Remember! The Harry Potter Franchise introduced the concept of any flavored beans. People buy it in the real world because it’s fun! The thrill of not knowing the flavor of the next bean is exciting. Just like how it’s exhilarating to jump hundreds of feet down a bridge connected to nothing but a springy cord.

But, here’s the difference, what’s the worst thing that could happen with any flavored beans? You get sick and shit yourself for a couple of days. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you bungee jump off a 100-story building? You die and have your corpse posted all over social media.

What about having casual sex with a stranger? What is the worst thing that can occur if you lay down with a random person?

  • There is a high probability that you end up getting sick and lie in bed for months on end, and then you die.
  • Else, you can also give birth to an innocent child that would need years of financial, emotional, and moral support. Or leave it behind to fend for itself.
  • Also, you can end up nailed to the wall with your organs ripped in alphabetical order.

So, you are back to square one asking yourself the following question –

Is it worth having sex with a stranger?

It depends on how high-stake a gambler you are. We are won’t judge if you enjoy mating that much. Just remember! No safe sex is truly safe.