Can Separation Be Good for a Marriage?

Can Separation Be Good for a Marriage

Can separation be good for a marriage? A quick answer to this question is yes. Everyone thinks there is no logic in connecting separation and successful marriage, but in some cases, that’s exactly what a couple should do if they want to save their marriage. So how does a separation help you make things better at home?

Having a clear thought

By splitting up, both partners will soon realize that single life was not what they thought it to be. Humans were not made to live by themselves or alone. They will start missing the other person shortly after the separation.

The time alone will help them have clearer thoughts about the relationship. They will easily see the flows and the benefits of the single life. With that, it will be much easier to make a good decision about the marriage and realize that they want to be back in it.

Single life always has more problems than married life. People just need more time to see that.

Set the rules of separation

Separation doesn’t mean divorce and that should be precisely understood. It is best if the spouses agree to the terms and set some rules while being separated. It seems tragic, but going on a break can actually be a lot of fun.

The time span of the separation can be set before taking the big step so that the partners are sure of not losing each other. A period of three to six months is optimal, but even a year is ok.

During the separation, spouses can agree on the terms, are they going to see each other, are they going to hear each other, who’s going to be responsible for the kids, the house, the cars – and if there is a will, all this can become very interesting.

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Partners can agree to date each other just the way when they were not married. They can see the beauty of the premarital life once again without cheating on each other. When the agreed time ends, the couple will realize if there is still love between them, or the flame has gone.

Get a therapist, possibly together

Going to therapy during separation, but with a will to revive your marriage, is a great idea. Counseling will help you see the other side, listen to the words of your partner, and understand how they feel about you and the separation.

At the same time, you will express your feelings for each other and by the help of the therapist, the whole situation will become clearer and easier to resolve all issues. It is important to know that problems in the marriage are never one sided. Both partners are a part of the problem and they both need to work on the marriage in order to keep it healthy.

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