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20 Questions | Total Attempts: 5527 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Is She Cheating Quiz?
We’re more used to hearing about men who cheat on their girlfriends and wives, but women also cheat. Studies have shown that women cheat a lot, almost as much as men, but they are better at covering it up. Women can carry on with the rest of their lives as if nothing had happened, which makes it very difficult to determine whether you’re not carrying a big pair of horns on your head or not. If you’re in doubt, take this is she cheating quiz and find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Does she tell you to go out with friends rather than her?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Sometimes

D. Only when she is busy

2. Does your girlfriend/wife tells you about her day?

A. Always

B. Most times

C. Sometimes

D. Never

3. Does she purposely explain why she is late even when you don't ask her?

A. She is never late

B. No

C. Yes

D. Most of the times

4. Does she avoid looking into your eyes when you confront her about changed behavior?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. Never

D. I feel like that

5. Does she hide her social media accounts/activities from you?

A. Yes

B. Not every account

C. I think so

D. No

6. Has she started working out more?

A. Yes

B. She follows the same routine

C. Not really

D. She is working out more than before

7. Has she cheated in the past?

A. No

B. Not that I know of

C. I don't think so

D. Yes

8. Does she cancel plans often?

A. Yes

B. Most of the timern

C. No

D. Only if there is an emergency

9. Does she mix up her stories?

A. Yes

B. Norn

C. Sometimes

D. Mostly

10. Does she avoid taking calls in front of you?

A. Yes

B. Mostlyrn

C. Sometimes

D. Never

11. Has she stopped being open about her feelings?

A. Not at all

B. A little

C. I'd say yes

D. Definitely

12. Does she seem to hide her phone?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. Most times

D. Always

13. Does your gut say she is cheating on you?

A. Yes

B. I don't knowrn

C. I think so

D. No

14. She comes home after a night out with her friends. What does she do?

A. Tell me all kind of gossip she's heard

B. Provide me with some details about the meeting

C. Keep to herself

D. Seem to sneak in and hide something

15. Has she changed her look lately?

A. Not at all

B. Slightly

C. Yes

D. Drastically

16. Did she recently start to have complaints about you?

A. No

B. A little

C. Yes

D. A lot

17. Did she suddenly start to spend more time at work?

A. No

B. A little more

C. Moderately

D. Yes, she is logging a lot more hours at work

18. How interested is she in having sex with you?

A. A lot

B. Mostly interested

C. Not so interested anymore

D. Zero interest

19. How many new clothes did she buy in the last 30 days?

A. Almost none

B. 2 or 3 items

C. Several items

D. Lots of them, including lingerie

20. Is she making plans for the future with you?

A. All the time

B. Mostly yes

C. Not as much as I'd like

D. No, our relationships seem to be on hold

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